If you guys have been here for any time at all you’ll know that if I’m going to be in a club it’s probably going to be plant related or as of late cross stitch! When this particular club popped up on my Instagram I knew I needed to work with them! Hold your hats guys, a plant SUBSCRIPTION! Yes that’s right, you know I love my Ideal Home subscription but a subscription for plants that’s just next level.

BloomBoxClub are an amazing company who believe that having plants around created a less stressful environment as well just generally making us happier and I don’t disagree. I’m constantly telling Greig we have the cleanest air in Yorkshire with our indoor jungle and you know how happy a ‘New Leaf Alert’ make us! I was thrilled when my DPD man arrived with a Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, a Prayer Plant and a Acrea Palm along with 3 beautiful pots.


You can make a one-off purchases of a plant to send as a gift or to yourself, this will arrive with care instruction. You can also select whether or not you would like a pot for your plant! I would always recommend getting the pot! There is nothing worse than having a lovely plant and not the right size pot!

The second option is a subscription package. You can select whether you wish to have a plant (and pot if you select that) once a month or once a quarter. Again your plants will arrive with care information and also really cleverly packaged. I was so impressed with how my plants arrived, I’ve bought many plants online and this is the best packaging I’ve come across.


I always get asked how I keep so many plants alive! The great things about BloomBoxClub is that the plants arrive with care instructions. If you need anything further they have a great page on their site called ‘Plant Care’ full of care instructions. You can even pop over to their and find existing plants you have to get some tips!

If you really do kill everything living that enters your house I recommend a Mother-In-Laws Tongue. They thrive on neglect and clean your air at the same time!


I always tell to Greig, don’t buy me flowers they die so quickly, buy me a plant! That’s probably why we currently have over 50 plants in the house!

Plants always make the perfect gift! With the festive season fast approaching hostess gifts are a must and you can’t go wrong with a lovely plant! Or if your like me and need to brighten some unsightly corners (we will finish our renovation one day!) a plant can hide a multitude of unfinished painting, raising damp, electrical cords! You name it I’m currently hiding it!

BloomBoxClub have an amazing 25% off plants from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday using the code BLACK25. So don’t miss out!

BloomBoxClub were lovely enough to send me through these plants for this post, as always all opinions are my own. You know I’m a crazy plant lady so this collaboration has really made my plant loving heart happy!

Prue x


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