I have a best friend and he’s a beagle. His name is Prince Louis, he’ll be 9 in December!

If you have been following along on this crazy train for any period of time, you will have seen my Instagram splashed with adorable pics of my best friend Lou Chops or watched along on Instagram stories were we chat from time to time. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him, he thinks he’s a human, has a cup of tea with me and just generally is a bad ass napping and eatting machine!

I know everyone thinks there dogs the cutest but seriously look at those eyes! What a heart breaker.

I’ve really started worrying lately, hes lost his puppy enthusiasm and is a bit hard of hearing. He got little fatty lumps which I know are normal as dogs get older but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I am constantly taking pictures or Lou Chops just being his regular gorgeous self but when the lovely Amy of Amy Law Photography reached out and ask if she could come and take some snaps of him I obviously said yes! I mean this babe was born to model!

Amy is possibly one of the most bubbly, upbeat gals you will ever met. She come to our house with a pop up contraption which turned my living room into a photography studio in minutes! Lou Chops was all over her as soon as she walked in the door, I was like chopped liver in the corner!

Lou and Amy went to work and I was so surprised how quickly it was a wrap! I also got in on the action for a few little snaps with my bestie!

Amy returned for a viewing of the images where she hooked them up to our TV so we could select the images we wanted. This was great because I was like ‘I love them all!’ But in reality I’m not going to have 40 framed pictures of Lou on the wall, as much as I love him! She helped me whittle down the ones I really loved as well as going through how I would be having them on the wall. Framed prints, canvas ect. She brings along different sized images so you can pop them up on your wall and see what fits best as well as all of the framing options.

I’m so glad I now have these gorgeous pics of Lou being his cheeky self because he really is the biggest part of our little family!

Amy being the legend that she is has given me a discount code! So if you would like some gorgeous pics of your fur-babies get in touch with Amy and mention Lou Chops for a 20% discount!

I honestly can’t thank Amy enough for taking such gorgeous images of our beauiful Louis! And to think all of this amazing-ness happened in my lounge room!

For now though enjoy these gorgeous snap of my fur-baby!

Prue x

Find Amy at Amy Law Photography ,on Facebook  or on Instagram! You won’t regret it!

*Amy kindly offered me this photoshoot in return for this review. All opinions are my own. She’s FAB!


  1. Awwwwww 🙂 He’s sooo stunning!
    Lou chops were as cute in real life as his Instagram pics and gave the best cuddles.
    It was a privilege to photograph him.

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