Believe it!

I’m not sure how it has really happened but I’ve just found myself in Febuary!

I had an amazing trip setting off for Australia in late November, went to Bali and back to Australia until the new year. Whilst away I got such a good perspective of life, where I was, what I was doing good and bad. Then I arrived back and it all went to pot!

I got back for the first day back at work ready with all the enthusiasm you should have for the first day of the year! Until my business partner hit me with it, he wants me to buy his shares of our company!

  • First thought- ‘I’m not old enough to have my OWN business!’
  • Second thought- ‘I can’t do this all on my own, it’s hard enough with the both of us!’
  • Third thought- ‘What if I fail and it’s only me, everyone will know I’m the failure!’

The more I continued to think about it I started to get excited! I have been running the business as a partnership since I was 22. At 22 I didn’t seem to have these fears that were plaguing me in my 28th year!

3 weeks on we are getting things together for the sale to go through. I’m now at the point of just sheer excitement! My pintrest board is bursting with branding ideas, new signage, showroom designs ect. I am so ready to take my company in a new direction and can’t wait to tackle all the challenges head on.

I know I’m going to be overwhelmed and the list of things to do is going to be endless but I am so excited about not only having a company I can be proud of but a company people love to use and work for. Being a good boss is so important to me, I want my employee to love coming to work and have a great work/life balance.

Since deciding to go alone I’ve had so much support from fellow female business owners and feel really confident knowing they have my back.

So stay tuned for what’s to come!

Prue x

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