Making soya candles has to be one my favourite DIY’s, one because I love having candles burning all the time and two because it saves me a fortune on store bought candles!

Candles instantly make a house feel like a home. They are the quickest way to add some cosy to a room and I assure you they are the easiest craft project you will undertake. No creativity necessary! My girlfriends are constantly saying ‘I’d love to make candle but I’m so un-creative!’ If you find yourself saying these words then this is the craft for you!

They make great gifts, you can add your favourite scent, you can even add colour to them if that tickle your fancy! Personally I’m not into coloured candles. They are a great thrifty gift idea and I also did the candles for mine and my sister’s wedding in cut glass which looked amazing! So if your planning a wedding and want candles but don’t want to spend hundreds on Yankee or Jo Malone candles try this!

Here are the supplies you will need and also links for where to purchase them.


Soya Wax – to start out a 2kg bag should be enough.

Wicks – there are a few different types of wicks. I use wood wick because I like the look of them. You can also by lengths of wick, buy separate ends and make them to the size you require but to start out I would try the wood wicks.

Oil Scent – Fresh Skin is a fab oil shop. There scents are lovely my favourite is Fig & Cassis!

Candle Colour Blocks – if you are wanting white candles then you don’t need a colour block but if you want to add a colour here is a link. You only need to use a really small amount.

Wooden ice lolly sticks – if you’re using regular wick drill a small hole in the middle of these, they will hold your wicks nice and straight whilst setting. If you’re using a wood wick you can ise 2 sticks to hold the wood wick in place.

Small saucepan – an old saucepan is ideal as once you have put wax in it you won’t be able to use it for food anymore.

A large saucepan – for the water to act as a bain-marie.Jug – also that you don’t mind not using for food again.

Jars – small containers, tea cups ect for the candles to go in. I collect these from lots of random places, car boot sales, antiques store and online. Just make sure the glass is nice and thick as the candles get very hot whilst burning and you don’t want the glasses cracking.




Fill the larger saucepan with water and bring it to the boil.

Put the small saucepan into the large saucepan to act like a bain-marie.

Add the wax into the smaller saucepan. See picture below.

Turn the element down so the water is simmering. The wax will melt quiet quickly. During this time place the wicks into the hole of the wooden ice lolly sticks (or if using wood wick place them in your jar) and place them in the centre of your jars making sure the bottom of the wick is resting on the bottom of the jar.

Once the wax is completely melted add your scent (I don’t think there is any rule on how much, I like my candles strong so I just add until I like the strength!) and colouring. Give this a gentle stir.

Pour the wax into your jug, then gently pour your wax into your jars.

Once you have finished pouring just have a quick check that your wicks haven’t moved as you don’t want a wonky wick!

Leave them to set and wait 48hours before burning them. Depending on the size of the candle will depend on how long they will take but it’s generally a couple of hours.

Cut your wick to 1cm above the candle.



And your done! You have made your very own candle!

It really is so simple but one of the most rewarding craft because you can enjoying the benefits for weeks or months to come!

Personally I like to change the scents up in certain area of my house. At the minute we have bergamot in the kitchen/dinning area. This is one of my favourite smalls, my Aesop soap and hand cream is Reverence Aromatique which has really strong notes of bergamot as well so the scent really fills the room! My lounge is Fig a Cassis, this scent is lush it just adds a little bit of sweetness to the air. Then upstairs I have raspberry and coconut.

If you have any questions please drop me a comment and if you make your own please tag me on instagram the_house_of_skirt so I can see your creations!

Happy candle making!

Prue x




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