Yes, you read that right, we’re adopting!

If you’ve been following along for awhile you know we have been trying to start our family for nearly 7 years and not had much luck. Adoption is something I have talked about for as long as I can remember but as a couple we had been considering it for a few years now. After trying all sorts of fertility treatment we decided that at the end of the day what we really want is a family and for us that didn’t just mean biological children. We attended an information evening last Summer and then late last year we decided adoption was the way we were going to grow the Batty Bunch!

Behind the scenes this year has been crazy! We have been busy bees doing A LOT of paperwork, having our social worker basically move in and finally passing our approval panel! It’s all moved really quickly and it’s been so so nice to have this time and space to process it together, just us.

So now that we are approved it’s time to wait patiently and find the perfect match!

You lovely lot have been the biggest cheerleaders on our journey to start a family. This is the most important part of our life and as The HOS really is a reflection of my life, loves and travels it would seem odd for this not to live here as well. Being a mum is all I want to do and believe me when I say Pinterest may very well go into melt down with my pinning alone!

We are so excited to enter this next phase of our life as parents and hopefully along the way we can shine a light on the wonderful world of adoption in the UK!

Prue x


Thank you to the lovely and talented Maryanne Scott the @brandingphotographeruk for takes these snaps of us! You’re the best!

18 thoughts on “WE’RE ADOPTING!

  1. I am so so happy for you guys. This is my favourite post ever on your page. Gorgeous photos of two people who are going to be the best mummy and daddy ever. Loads of love ❤️ Xx

  2. Awe that’s the most wonderful news , for you and the little one that is going to be the luckiest child on earth to have parents like you 2 guys, so so happy for you both and can’t wait for the day you surprise us walking up the cricket field with a pram . Love to you both and massive congratulations.

    1. Thank you lovely lady! We are so excited and this little babe has no idea how lucky they’ll be to have an Aunty Tara to cuddle at cricket! x

  3. This is THE best news. I’m so excited for you both. You will be great parents & a little one will he blessed abundantly to join your family

  4. This is the best news ever,you two are going to be the best parents to one lucky little bubba. Fast forward the day we’re LOTTIE is showing him/her the ropes at Whitley and well if a girl Frankie will prob be snogging Congratulations u guys

    1. Oh my god, you do make me laugh! Seriously though could you imagine our family parties if our kids got married! Thank you lady! They will def be apart of the Whitley playground gang! x

  5. Congratulations PRU,
    Sending you guys all the ❤️. You are going to make the best mom. And though I haven’t met Greig, I sense he’ll be a fantastic dad. Looking forward to following you’re journey and getting all of the updates. Mel

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