Who doesn’t love an early bird? Or an early bird sale! Thats right, The Cool Calm Collection are having their first ever sale with 15% off store wide to celebrate the early birds of the festive season!

This in generally how things go for me. September-Let’s get the Christmas ball rolling, 100 days to go til the big mans here! October-We’ve cracked the early birds but we really need to give others a poke! November-Christmas is glorious I love it, I want a 15 foot tree and I’m hand making all my decorations including my wreath! Early December- WOW it feels like Christmas should be here already but I love how busy the workshop is. I got the 10 foot tree, 15 was a bit much and I ended up raiding the Range for decorations, who has the time to hand make everything! 3 weeks into December- in a corner, eating tortilla chips crying because royal mail lost a parcel and they’ve ruined that persons Christmas FOREVER! I have no gifts for anyone and I’m just handing out hugs this Christmas!

You see guys, I’m having this early bird sale for my own sanity really. I so appreciate everyone that orders their Christmas Gifts early. We make everything to order so when someone e-mails me in a panic on the 18th of December (because they forgot to order that handbag their wifes been tagging them in on Instagram for months) we all just feel a bit shit and panicked!

The sale is store wide and also applies to custom orders. So if you have a vision you want to bring to life this Christmas drop me a line and we’ll make that happen for you!

Our Early Bird Sale runs through until 9am on the 24th of September!

Happy shopping!

Prue x

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