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Love your people and love them hard!

You know those days when you wake up to awful news. That kind of news that has you sitting at your desk, tears streaming for situations and people you don’t even know well.

Today has been one of those days.

I’ve been sat here thinking about how many terrible things happen in the world, when people our age die, when little children are left without parents and it breaks my heart in two. At the same time it makes me think about how I continue to takeeverything for granted.

I cancel plans with friends because I’m to busy, I don’t just sit and watch a movie with Greig because I’m to busy with life. Everything just seems so busy all the time and at the end of the day none of it really matters. The demands of daily life and this 24-7 culture that we live in take over and all the people and things that really matter get put on the back burner.

It scares me because at 30 I still have that invinsible mentality that it will never happen to me. I’m not a huge worrier, I’m very chilled out and believe everything will pan out in the wash. But maybe it won’t.

Tonight I’m going out for dinner with one of my best girl friends. We always laugh so hard but tonight I’m going to enjoy that laughter that little bit more. And when I get home I’m going to stay up with Greig and cuddle on the couch whilst watching a program, instead of going to bed to work, because maybe these are the moments I’m missing because I’m ‘busy’.

Life’s short, tomorrows not a given, love your people and love them hard.

Prue x


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