10 thing you probably don’t know about me.

So this is a hard one because anyone that’s met me in real life knows I’m an over sharer, I have verbal diarrhea and I’m completely lacking a filter. But I’ll give it my best shot!

  1. I don’t have a middle name. It’s just Prue, like Madonna or Adele!
  2. On the topic of names I haven’t changed my name since getting married. Partly because I really like my last name and also because my husband’s name is Batty which is quiet short so Prue Batty just doesn’t seem long enough of a name! My husband is not fine with this and nearly 5 years on it still comes up in conversation at least once a week!
  3. My first post on this blog was October 2015 and I was so embarrassed about writing a blog that I didn’t tell anyone about it so it got read by like 3 random strangers. It wasn’t until October 2016 that I thought it was a bit odd that I was writing a secret blog so set up an Instagram account (then also proceeded to not tell anyone about that!) and then set up a Facebook page a few weeks ago!
  4. As a child I’d watch the Australian Open and have grand plans of being a tennis player. I didn’t even play for a club! To be honest I think I just wanted to be a Williams sister (the really white version!), so my older sister would braid my hair in hundreds of tiny braids and we’d thread thousands of plastic beads on!
  5. When I was 3 years old I stuck my hand in an exercise bike chain (back in the day when they had chains!) To this day I can vividly remember my cousin Karina riding the bike and I was watching the chain intrigued by how the links connected. I reach in and BAM my ring finger on my right hand was hanging on by a thread. I remember being rushed to hospital and my Uncle Des tickling my feet whilst I laid on the bed. It got sewn back on and looks fine. I doesn’t really bend fully and in the cold weather it goes numb and stiff but it’s there so hey ho it could be worse! I think my poor cousin is still traumatized!
  6. I completely believe in spirits and ghosts. Our current house had been in the family that we bought it off for a couple of hundred years and they are definently still here! I went to a medium who agreed and she told me to speak to them about my plans for the house as it was in such disrepair we had to go back to stone and start again! I often refer to Margaret and Herbert who are the old couple that lived here before they died. Margaret was born in the house and had both her babies in the house so she is definently still about! We bought the house with all of their furniture in so a lot of our furniture is there’s that I’ve up-cycled. I really hope she likes what we’ve done with the place.
  7. My whole childhood and teens years were consumed by netball! After school matches, umpiring, coaching my little sisters team, training and tournaments on the weekend! I couldn’t get enough. I’d shoot goals in my back yard until it went dark every night. I had the most amazing group of girls that I grew up playing netball with ‘The Netty Girls’. Now we have Netty Boys and Netty babies! True friends really are forged in sweat!
  8. My husband is the only serious boyfriends I have ever had! I was a busy teen between netball and school I had no time. I graduated from high school on November 26th and met Greig on December 11th! The rest is history!
  9. Bodily fluids, mine or others literally makes me gag! Even my nephews slobber from teething stresses me out. Good thing I love him!
  10. I’ve owned my business since I was 21. Before that I had jobs in retail and sales but never really a ‘proper job’! I always feel like maybe I’ve missed something and quiz people on what it’s like to work in an office. The generally consensus is that people just get super pissed off at other for not washing there dishes!

I could carry on, writing this has brought up all sorts of random childhood memories but I shall leave it there!


Prue x


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