11 years ago to the day I met my husband. My 2 besties from school were going to his 21st birthday at the cricket club and I was being a 3rd wheel!

From that night on he has been the biggest part of my life. It’s so odd now looking back, at the time I never even considered what was going on, I hopped on a plane at 18 without a care (maybe I was just naïve!) moved half way around the world and just picked up life in England. Don’t get me wrong I remember those early years being the toughest thing I’ve done but they were so much fun!

Life was so care free! We worked, partied, travelled and just generally loved life. 11years on maybe minus all the partying we are still doing the same.

We got engaged in the Feb of 2012 and decided we weren’t going to drag it out so we planned the wedding in 2 weeks; I had my 25th birthday party in the April so we surprised everyone there with our engagement! I think a lot of friends thought it would never happen as we had been together 8 years and it didn’t look like Greig was keen on marriage! We got married on the 25th of November in England then flew out to Australia and did it all again a week later! It was a crazy busy time but the best because we spent time with everyone we loved on all corners of the globe! After 6 weeks in Australia we had a week in NYC to recover from the wedding craziness!

We have just had our 3rd wedding anniversary and I can’t believe where the time has gone. In those 3 years we’ve bought an old cottage and done a full renovation, we’ve travelled a lot! NYC, Ibiza, Ireland, Australia, Iceland, Sardinia, Tenerife Reef, Berlin and Barcelona. I honestly look at my Greig and can’t figure out where the last 11years have gone! It all seems like yesterday the night we met!

I’m not one for soul mates and believing there is only one person out there for you. I believe that there are hundred maybe thousands of people that you could be compatible with. But I have definitely  found the one I always want to be with in Greig. Before anything we are the best of friends. He is always the first person I want to tell something too, I look forward to coming home on a night and spending time with him and our little Lou Chops, I miss him when I come on trips without him, not because I’m needy I enjoy my own company, I just like to share places and experiences with him.

As far as nice people go he is up there with Mother Teresa. He is the kindest, most gentle soul and I am a better person for being near him. I know I can always rely on him because he will bend over backwards and move mountains to make sure I’m ok.

He thinks I’m silly but I always tell him he makes my heart sing, sometimes I find myself just smiling at him and if we are apart for whatever reason I always have my locket on with his big beaming smile on the inside . Don’t get me wrong marriage is hard and we constantly work on ours. Living so far away from my family can be hard but as far as I’m concerned my home is with Greig and wherever we are on the globe we will make it a home as long as we’re together.

Prue x

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