So this week has been one hell of a struggle!

This time of year kills me! In my head I’m coming into the start of an amazing summer (my heads in Australia but obvs I live in England!) and in reality the long, dark nights are rolling in. What kills me the most is waking up when the street lights are still on! 6.30 gym classes used to be do-able, they are now just a distant memory.

It’s not all doom and gloom for me though, I’m off home in 6 weeks and will be in Bali whilst there so I will have my fill of sun and you’ll get loads of OMG having the best time, Instagram-able pics!

So whilst in my struggle this week I took procrastinating to new heights.  I work for myself so this is something I really need to rein in! So this is a breakdown of my working day.

  • Google-I need my Wi-Fi to go down! Some of the things I googled. Heated dog beds (god forbid Lou Chops would be cold on these wintery nights!), train tickets to London to see my bestie (BOOKED!), hotels in Bali (all booked-wooo hooo!), Scientology (this was off the back of Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s daughter’s wedding!), broccoli recipes with a twist! Who doesn’t love broccoli!
  • Zoopla-I literally lose hours of my life to Zoopla. I love looking through the houses for sale around my village and checking out people home décor!
  • Facetime- I’ve got to keep in touch with the House of Skirt somehow!
  • About 57 trips to the toilet! It is on the other side of our building so I’m defiantly increasing my steps with this one as well!
  • I’ll have 2 lunches- I can base my day around food! 2 lunches make me happy! Generally about 11am then 2.30-ish.
  • I’ll whip around the office and offer tea/coffee.
  • Re-fresh Instagram every 3mins!
  • I’ll then whip around again to see if anyone needs a hand or check in to see if everyone’s on track!
  • Random sales reps will call and instead of telling them I’m not interested I’ll entertain them! By the time I’m off the phone I’ll know there dogs name, where they’re going on holiday and have advised them on the cutest little boutique to get the perfect pressie for their wife/gf/fiancé!
  • H&M-I love the HOME section of H&M!
  • Spotify-Adding to my playlist is always a good pass time-my playlists is on all the time and it is a sound track to my life. On their you will find plenty of chilled music, a bit of pop and plenty of country!
  • Bore my friends on Snapchat with my mundane daily tasks!
  • My blog-I’m terrible with computers so just making simple changes to my blog can take me hours. Thank god I have the wonderful Rhys at work who is a technology God!
  • BBC News- is always a good place to kill a bit of time. I do this under the pretence that I’m keeping on top of current events!
  • And finally and probably the most ridiculous I booked onto a course titled, ‘How to be more efficient with the time you have.’ That’s in a few weeks’ time so I’ll let you know how that goes!

Don’t judge, I’m a work in progress!

Best be off as I’m supposed to be cleaning the house! Eeehhhh the Rock & Roll life I lead!

Love x

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