Halloween is a funny one isn’t it. I didn’t grow up with Halloween. I remember once as a kid some boys knocking on our door, we didn’t even know it was Halloween and my mum felt bad for them so she cut them both a piece of hedge hog and sent them on their way. It’s much more of a thing these days and I get it, it’s fun, kids love dressing up and for people like me I love any excuse to make some treats and create a cute table.

So here are a few ideas for super simple fun treats that you can make really quickly and that won’t cost you a fortune! I whipped up this whole table in about an hour and if you have little hands in toe about they can definitely help!


These little critters are so simple and quick. If mini cupcakes aren’t your thing swap them out for mini donuts or brownie squares. The most tedious part of this is cutting the pretzels, I had them flying everywhere! Lou Chops was in heaven! I cut a tiny tot in half for the eyes and there you have it mini cupcake spiders!



Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries and they are even better when they’re ghosts! Simple melt some white chocolate, I did mine on the stove top but you can also do it in the microwave. Dip your strawberries and put on a platter in the fridge to set. Meanwhile melt some milk chocolate for the face. I then used a tooth pick to just add the eyes and the mouth before popping them back in the fridge to set.


It doesn’t get any simpler than this and the kids can go wild on this one. Draw your scary face on the plastic cup using a permanent marker fill the cup with grapes and pop the lid on. Done!


This is another on where the kids can get creative. Use a sharpie to draw the pumpkin faces onto the mandarins and present on a nice platter.


These are my favourite because I love apples and peanut butter! Simple slice a red apple into slices. I like to use Pink Ladies. Apply your peanut butter (you can use any type off nut better) I personally like super crunchy PB. Add your mini marshmallows (remember the wonkier the better!) and place them together.

The whole spooky, dark thing isn’t my deal. A cob web isn’t my idea of fun but I do love a pumpkin so I simply decorate the table with a few pumpkins and our new personalised chopping boards which you can grab over at The Cool Calm Collection.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to make your Halloween a little more creative in a simple and quick way that can get the whole family involved!

Prue x


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