Right guys let me tell you about LA. I was literally in LA (Glendale more specifically) for 4.5 days and 2 of them I was at the Rise conference so I didn’t get a huge amount of sight seeing in!

What I did get to see was so much fun though. Here is a quick list of my favourites!


I feel like calling the Americana a shopping centre really doesn’t do it justice! It is gorgeous, the gardens, the water fountains, hell even the carpet as you walk in from the carpark. I literally felt like I was in a movie set. The shops are beautiful and there are lots of lovely places to sit out in the sun for food or drinks. Even if your not a shopper the Americana is worth a visit!


Ok so Sprinkles Cupcakes is at the Americana but I felt like it deserved it’s own mention! Way back in the day I used to watch Girls of the Play Boy Mansion. Anyone else with me? Well Bridget used to always get Sprinkles so obviously my LA life goal was to go to Sprinkles and use the cupcake ATM. If your like me and not very attentive you’ll then press the wrong button and get the boring cupcake with white sprinkles instead of the colourful one! But it doesn’t matter it was so dam fun and the capcake was soooo good!


You see a theme happening here right. I’m really into baked goods! We vertured to Burbank to have a browse around some vintage stores. What we didn’t expect to find was the most amazing bakery. Honestly I’ve never seen a bakery so big and so busy! The pasteries were gorgeous, fresh orange juice was being squeezed the smells flying around the place were phenonminal! I had a mixed berry danish which was one of the prettiest and tastiest things I’ve ever eatten and a potato ball which was all of my carby, deep fried dreams come true! Guys, this place is so popular there was a line probably 30 deep out the door and staff to keep the line in order. Like what the hell! Portos have 4 locations across LA so go check them out or if you want to just drool check out there website!


On Sunday morning to say I was tired (after 2 days at the conference we had an epic 90’s themed dance party!) was an understatement but nothing was going to stop me from getting to the flea market at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I see so many of my favourite LA based bloggers (if you follow Oh Joy she is their all the time!) going to the market and finding amazing treasures and it just worked out that I was in town on the right weekend! I think it’s ever second Sunday. And my gosh, this market did not disappoint. I found my gorgeous birdhouse which safely made it back to the UK aswell as Mexican pom pom garlands, a cane clutch bag and also a beautiful macrame wall hanging! Everywhere you looked there were beautiful things! I think my bank balance is very happy that I could only fit a few small bits in my suitcase otherwise I would have been there all day and needed a trailor!



I think when most people think of Rodeo Drive they think Julia Roberts in Pretty Women. My first thought is The Mighty Ducks and Goalberg in the fancy department store! But hey I’m a kid of the 90’s! Rodeo Drive is like another world, I mean who actually shops in those stores??  We spent the afternoon window shopping and strolling the perfectly manicured streets before retiring to the Beverly Wiltshire for a cocktail because hey, you only live once!

The Beverly Wiltshire was A-H-mazing! Let talk about floral displays, my God I have never see anything like it, they were absolutely stunning! We grabbed raspberry mojitos in the bar and just sat people watching. It was a Sunday afternoon and the bar was full of very wealthy looking older men pulling up their fancy sports cars (that I can’t imagine getting in or out of, dam netball knees!) coming in for a drink and then us! It’s so funny to imagine a life where The Beverly Wiltshire is your local watering hole!

Unfortunatley my whirlwind trip ment I did even get to Hollywood! So I guest that just means one thing, I need to go back!

Have you been to LA? What was your favourite places to see?

Prue x

4 thoughts on “LA

  1. LA was amazing. I just made a list of must do’s, for the next trip I take to LA, I forgot to add Rose Bowl Flea Market, and I made it to the Americana but I want to go back there…and of course Porto’s is a must stop place for next trip… Your pictures are so beautiful.

    1. Ooooh add it quick Lisa! I can’t wait to get back to the Rose Bowl and take Greig so he can carry all my finds! The Americana is so beautiful, I wish I could have spent more time there. Thank you! They are all just taken on my iphone but natural light does wonders! x

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