My chicken, sweet potato and pine nut salad is my absolute favourite and is sure to be a crowd pelaser at your next BBQ!

When Summer rolls around I am in salad heaven! Being Australian a good salad is my game. Also I’m not one to follow a recipe or measurement, I’m more of a bang it in and see how it tastes kinda girl which is basically how a salad rolls, right?

This salad is my absolute favourite go to. Personally because I love everything I generally chuck everything on top but here are the base ingredients!

The base of the salad is-

  • spinach -as much as you feel you need! Also if you prefer a different type of lettuce that’s fine, I’m just a spinach girl!
  • red onion -again no measurements, I slice this quiet thin.
  • sweet potato -cut into cubes and roasted on a flat pan until soft.
  • feta cheese -I personally like it cubed, you can crumble it! It’s your salad get creative!
  • pine nuts -as many or as little as you like, I love them so I get a little excited!
  • balsamic vinegar -again depending on how much you want, I just generally do a little glaze over the top!

If the salad was a side I would leave it at the base ingredients above however if I’m making it as a meal I would add-

  • grilled chicken (you can use any meat but we tend to go with chicken!)
  • avacardo
  • beetroot

The meat and few additions really buff it out!

This salad is so simple to make if your having guests over for a BBQ (you can pre-roast the sweet potato and just re-heat it) and a real crowd pleaser.

Let me know if you try it, I’d love to hear what you think!

Prue x

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