So after the crazy that was our travels around the golden triangle we knew we would need a week in Goa to chill out and lay by the beach and that is just what we did.

It had been 10 years since we first visited Goa and what a difference. The place was barely recognisable. Ten years ago the roads were dirt and there were no foot paths. The streets were lined with markets and street food stalls. Ten years on the roads were tarmacked, the markets were gone and replaced by shops and the big hotel chains have all moved in. It’s still lovely and chilled out but far more commercialised these days.



We stayed at the lovely Zense Resort. Booking.com said our resort was in Candolim but in reality it was in between Candolim and Calangute. This was a common thing we found that the maps and pins online rarely ever matched the reality. Being in the middle wasn’t an issue for us because we like to chill on a night but if you are looking for more of a nightlife I would recommend staying in Candolim. Zense had an amazing bar/resturant on the bottom floor and we ate there most nights which is odd for us, we usually like to try different places but the menu was just so good! They also had the best breakfast I have ever had!


It’s fair to say we didn’t get up to a lot. We spent our days on the beach. There is also no real track to the beach, we got lost every single day and found a new path! The beach huts down on the beach are great. They all have sun lounges which are free and the locals will keep you watered and feed all day. Honestly the noodles from the beach shacks in Goa are my favourite food. I loved them 10 years ago and I was so glad they were as good as I remembered them to be!

Whilst your sun baking you’ll have ladies come along offering massages, jewellers, sarongs. You name it they’ll sell it to you!


There is plenty going on in Goa on a nighttime. Candolim is full of bar and resturants. Many places serve western food, Goa is almost like a mini Bali.

I tended to drag Greig to the market and around the shops on a nighttime because it was just to hot to do that during the day!


The Anjuna Market is my happy place. 10 years ago when we first visited I said it was the best day of my life and I wasn’t joking! Greig still thinks our wedding day should rate higher!

The market has certainly come on in the past ten years and it was as great as I remembered. Lucky for us it was the last market before it closed for the Summer. Basically it shuts because it’s way to hot. I have never sweat so much whilst shopping! I found so many treasure, turquoise earrings, harem pants, floaty skirts, necklaces. I was much more restrained than I was 10 years ago because we live a much more minimal life these days! What was new was a gorgeous beach house at the bottom of the market, you can enjoy a drink with the much needed sea breeze blowing in.

The market is open ever Wednesday but closes early April through til October. Even if shopping isn’t your thing it is a sight to behold, so colourful with music playing and the beautiful beach back drop!


  • Chicken and Vegetable noodle at a beach shack!
  • The world best ice-cream iced coffee from the Juice Bar/ice-cream store in the main street of Candolim. Google Maps has let me down and it’s not on the map but it’s just past the football pitch.
  • Anjuna Market-Every Wednesday between Oct-April.

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