Hello You Tube! I’m not really sure You Tube knows what its in for! Like hello, I’m not going to break the internet Kimmy K style but you never know!

So guys, any of you that know me in real life and maybe some on Instagram know that for the past few years I have been tossing up the idea of YouTube.

To be honest the only thing that has really stopped me is the time, which I’m already running low on. But let’s be real if you want to do something bad enough you’ll find the time!

Today whilst I sat at my desk doing quotes (anything numbers related kills me!) I thought I’m just going to make a video. I’m wearing a clean top, I had a lip stick sat on my desk and my hair was brushed yesterday. The universe was telling me today was my day!

Also my graphic designer Rhys who would normally help me out with such projects was off, so he’ll return to work tomorrow and be horrified for me. Oh well, you’ve got to start somewhere and I apparently have no shame.

So here we have it, my You Tube intro (I did a little ’10 things you don’t know about me’) stolen from my blog post from late last year with a few changes, check it out here!

Also I made a really cute thumb nail but You Tube told me because I’m not verified I have to go with their suggestion! I mean You Tube, you are not being kind to me right now. If anyone knows a way around this I would be so grateful as I wave my wings around a lot and in all of their thumb nail suggestions I had my hands in my face! Sigh!

If You Tubes your game subscribe to my channel and give me lots of thumbs up because that’s a nice things to do.

Prue x


3 thoughts on “HELLO YOU TUBE!

  1. Love this Prue. Congratulations on your first you tube video .You go girl .

    Look forward to more videos . Next one you could maybe talk about why you are the “ house of skirt “.

  2. Prueeee. Loves watching your 1st vid. I’m going to do my 1st one soon. We have many things in common….ghosts. Love a ghost story. Whenever you go see a medium, get me involved. See you soon. N x

    1. OMG yes! I love a good medium! Can’t wait to see your first video! We need to get another date in the diary. I want to have another craft party! x

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