Dear Cricket Widows…

Dear Cricket Widows,

I want to start this by saying I myself am married to a cricketer. We met 13 year ago when he was playing a season out in Australia. It is in fact how I have come to live in the UK! I also have grown up with cricket and whilst I’m not racing to every match I am not horrified by the thought of a day at the cricket.

Over the past 13 year I have found myself having conversations with fellow ‘cricket widows’, watching couples argue about cricket and I’ve also seen men stop playing cricket through constant hounding from there girlfriends or wives.

Now, I get it. The games in long! Sometimes Greig will set off at 10am and won’t be back til 10pm! Not only is it long you will garenteed attend a wedding/party/BBQ on your own whilst your other half will rock up at 9pm! It can be dangeous, I have been hit by the ball whilst not looking (and maybe having drunk a bit to much wine!) and I’ve lost a wing mirror when I parked just that bit to close to the field. Everyone is confused by the side screen, whether you can walk or not and then you just making a mad little dash because you know there is some grumpy 80 year old ready to tell you off! Not to mention the grass stains. I actually think Greig thinks the goal of the match is to see who comes off the field with more stains (and the blooming red stain on the crutch from where they rub the ball to get the right level of shine!) That’s the worst! And then there is the Summer holidays! We’ve been on holidays leaving early Sunday morning and flying back late Friday, we’ve been to weddings and gotten up early on the Sunday to ge back to a cup match! The things we do for cricket!

Personally I love when Greig trundles out the door on a Saturday morning with all of his kit. Not because I don’t love spending time with him but because I love having the day to do all the things that I enjoy! There is nothing worse than trying to read or paint and having your husband hanging about asking you random questions. I use my Saturdays to catch up with girlfriends, do all the girlie beauty things and go to the cinema on my own (if you haven’t done this you need to!)

I love that my husband has a passion, that he loves so much he is willing to put time and effort in on the weekend after a long week at work. Not only is it a sport he loves, he loves his team mates and the people around his club. I love how excited he gets when he makes runs, gets a wicket or takes a good catch! And call me crazy but I don’t know many people that don’t want to see there husband or wife happy and feeling fullfilled!

When I moved to the UK at 18 I knew nobody (Hello Billy no mates over here!). Through cricket I have met some of my best friends. It is a long game so there is plenty of time to forge solid bonds with your fellow cricket wives and all the lovely kiddies whilst enjoying a picnic and 3 bottles of wine! The plus side to them being on the field all day is that they can drive home!

I know so many ‘cricket widows’  really struggle with the season but I personally thinks it’s all about your perspective. I look at it like this. Greig loves cricket and that makes him happy, he has always played it, without it we would never have met. For me to whinge at him, make him feel guilty and ask him to stop playing something he loves just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s up to me to make the decision wether I want to go to cricket and have a day out or do my own thing. If standing out in a feild in the cold English weather, slidding around in mud and showering with 10 other men is what makes him happy then that makes me happy!

So look at the positives,  a happy husband, a good excuse for picnics and wine consumption, a social atmosphere and you’ll generally find a good tea lady that does a great toastie or even better a scone! And if you don’t go along you’ll have plenty of time to do all the things in life that make your heart happy!

And if you’re still struggling to see the positives then lucky for you that its August and we only have 4 more week of the season to go!

Prue x

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