If you’ve been following along for a while you will know that for the past 4 years we have been renovating an old English cottage in the Yorkshire countryside. We have done all of the hard things, ripping ceilings down, knocking walls out, sand blasting beams etc but we just haven’t gotten around to decorating properly and adding all the personal touches.

A few weeks ago we were invited along to the opening of the new JYSK Concept store in Doncaster. It’s fab, if you haven’t been already plan a trip! JYSK very kindly partnered with me to create a dining room and I am so thrilled with how it has turned out. JYSK currently have a Celebrate Scandinavia promotion on and have huge sales running through until 26th of September. I also made a little video of how the room come together so you can check that out below!

Our house is a 300 year old cottage, full of wooden beams, stone floors, fireplace and window seals. I really wanted to soften the dining room and create a cosy dinning area especially going into the colder months. You can see below what the room looked like before. It was used as a sitting room.

Our dining room isn’t huge so I’ve always wanted a round dining table, Greig wasn’t so on board with me but when I spotted the oak and glass Agerby table in store I was in love! For me round tables are really social and we love having friends over for dinner. I chose the Jonstrup Chairs to accompany the table as I wanted to keep the look really simple and these faux leather chairs are sooooo soft! I know this might sounds odd but we spend a lot of time around our dining table and our old chairs were really hard, I always got a sore behind and had to grab a cushion from the sofa! Also a great thing to note is that this furniture was so simple to make! It comes flat packed and the instructions were really clear!

The walls are a light grey so I painted the radiator cover in anthracite chalk paint as I liked the contrast again the light grey walls. Our windows are quiet small so I got much larger curtains, put the curtain rail right at the top of the wall, about a foot wider than the window and drapped them to the floor to create the illusion of a bigger window and more height.

Our stone fireplace was an amazing find when we were ripping the cupboards, walls and ceilings out of this room. It wasn’t possible for us to put a fire back in so I decided it should be full of plants! You can all imagine Greig’s eye roll! But who doesn’t love a plant! I picked this vintage chest up at a local Antique store a few years ago and since then it’s lived in a few places around the house but I think it may have just found it home!

As we’ve traveled around the world Greig always commented at airports when they have the wall of clocks with the different times around the world. So for Christmas the other year I grabbed a couple of plain clocks and cut some signage vinyl with Geelong (my home town in Australia) and Oxspring (our village). It was really simple to just removed the back or the clock, add the vinyl and pop it back together. It was so simple but it’s one fo the most popular things that people comment on when they visit. I wanted to keep the rest of the mantle simple so a few plants, frames and a candle did the trick.

We also collect paintings from all of our travels and I had them all professionally framed for Greigs birthday so I was really excited about hanging a few of them. Paris and Bruges are two of our favourite so that seemed appropriate.

From the second I walked into this house I was in love! We had no intention of buying a house but I knew I had to have it. The old couple (Margaret and Herbert) that live here had lived here all their married life. It was Margaret’s parents house, Margaret had been born in the house and grown up here. When her and Herbert married they bought it. Margaret had both her children here as well! The house had been vacant for 10 years when we bought it but it still had their furniture in it. I asked if I could buy the furniture and the children agreed as long as I made a donation to the hospice that care for their parents before they died. This rocking chair was in what is now our dinning room. Margaret and Herbert used it as a sitting room. It had the rocker, another chair and a radio in it. For Christmas Greigs Mum and Dad had the rocker re-upholstered for me and I couldn’t love it more. The navy velvet is perfect and I’m so glad this chair is back in this room just the same as it always was.

You may have seen on Instagram than my poor electrician was not as enthusiastic about my plans to make a custom light fitting out of lights I had collected over time and a cheese board as I was! Unfortunately we couldn’t use the antique glass fitting as it didn’t fit modern light bulbs but I’m so happy with how it turned out above the round table and he was a real tropper in getting it made. I think the copper light, clocks and accessories really soften the room.

A huge thank you to JYSK for partnering with me on this make-over. I think the simple round table really sets the tone for a social, cosy, stylish dinning room that we can enjoy this winter with friends. The Celebrate Scandinavia promotion runs until the 26th of September so check it out. Both the Agerby table and Jonstrup chairs are on sale and a huge bargain! If you don’t have a store near you you can shop online at www.jysk.co.uk.

Prue x



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