Let’s talk about… desk organisation. Nothing gets my day started better than coming into a clean and organised desk. I constantly droll over those perfect Pinterest desk but let’s be real, we all have an unsightly cord or two and sometimes pretty just isn’t practical.

So here is a run down of what I actually NEED on my desk.

  • My computer
  • My laptop because sometimes you need a second screen!
  • Keyboard and mouse (both wifi) cutting down those cords were possible!
  • Bluetooth earphones. I love mine and they are a bargain, find them here. I also love that they sit nicely on the leg of my desk.
  • An organiser-mine holds my calculator, notebook, paper clips, bull dogs clips and washi tape. You can grab one like mine here.
  • A plant-because I’m a plant lady!
  • My at a glance weekly planner.
  • A pen-you don’t need a tub of 50 pens, you can only use 1 at a time! I love a 4 pen.

I like to keep the bare essentials on my desk. Having clutter in front of you is just distracting and who needs that when there trying to take over the world!

I do have a very creative hands on buisiness so I do require more space for things like packaging, stickers, twine, sharpies, blades, vinyl swatches, tape measures ect so I have a little trolley. I have the Risatorp trolley from Ikea. It’s fab because I can move it around the studio (I would 100% go with one with wheels) with me and then pop it back to the side, next to the printer where it lives. This leave me with a nice clear desk but a creative little cart that can follow me around when I need it to.

I hope this helps you with your desk organisation, I’d love to hear if you have any other hand tips! Especially for those dam cords!

Prue x


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