How to personalise your wedding on a budget!

I was not your typical Bride.

We decided we were getting married on a Wednesday, we booked the venue on Saturday, bought rings the week after and within the month we were done planning. Then bam we were married 6 months later!

I was a women on a mission and I wanted as little fuss as possible! I made a rule that no one was to speak to me about wedding related things until September(after the cricket season!). I wish now that I had of taken a little more time and enjoyed it more. I didn’t even try on my wedding dress. I saw it online, went to a shop that stocked the designer, they took my measurements and it arrived a few months later! No say yes to the dress diva scenario going on here.

What I did enjoy was personalising our day. I wanted every person there to feel special and treated but I didn’t have a ton of money to spend. Working in branding I was in the perfect position to go a little crazy! Here are a few of my favourite bits that won’t cost you the earth!


I was really lucky that my beautiful friend Jane designed us bespoke wedding stationary. From the invites and the order of service to the place cards that were a funny image of the guest. Every piece of print had our monogram and was sealed with our custom-made wax stamp. Stationary can add up really quickly. If you are working on a budget be clever about what items you really need. Five years on we walk into friends houses and they still have their place cards stuck to the fridge! It took a good few hours scanning through social media to find ridiculous pictures of our guests but it was so worth it!




Remembering that personalisation and embroidery in particular is my game I literally embroidered everything I could. We had hand towels in the bathroom with our monogram, robes for myself and my bridesmaids, my mum and hair dresses had personalised aprons, the children had personalised tote bags filled with activities and the babies had monogrammed bibs. Looking around my wedding seeing how much our guests loved these touches seriously made my day!



We had a handful of children at our wedding. It was important to me that the children had an amazing experience as I remember going to my aunties wedding as a child and loving it! The children had tote bags with their names on full of activities for them to do on the day. I also found some great mini suitcase tins at HM which I filled with snack and stickers and all the fun stuff! Seeing there little eyes light up when they sat down was priceless. I hope in 20 years time they remember going to their first wedding and feeling spoilt!




A couple of months before the wedding I saw somewhere online the idea of making preserves for your guest! I rung my MIL and we got to work. I orders 100 jars, Jane made me labels that were in keeping with our stationary and we got making in the kitchen! We made Whiskey Marmalade, Strawberry Jam and Spicy Tomatoe Chutney. These went down a treat! We had made far to many so our guests were leaving with multiple jars of preserves that were reminding them to go spread the love. For month after our wedding we continued to get pictures through from friends and family eating their morning toast with our jars! I highly recommend this!



We knew that we wanted to finish the speeches with a shot. I didn’t want our guests to be having to swing out of a little bottle so we made custom shot glasses. I ordered small bottles online and filled that with the shot. I can’t even remember what the shot was now! The shot glasses were again in keeping with our stationary design and had the wedding date on there as well! Again our friends still have these and whip them out when we come round which I love!



A sweetie station wasn’t as popular as it is now. This was a last-minute addition and as anyone that’s gotten married knows those last few weeks you are just shelling money out left right and center! We decided we would make it ourselves. My MIL neighbour mentioned that she had made sweetie trees, that was it the next night we were around at her house borrowing her topiary trees! I think they worked really well and our guests definitely went home with handbags full of sweets! Personally I would never pay a company for a sweets bar because they are just so easy to do yourself!

I think thats pretty much a wrap on all the fun personalised bits of our wedding that I loved! Five years on I look back and think of how I would do things differently now but I’m still really happy with the choices we made. I would totally recommend giving your guests a favour that they can use and keep for years to come.

I just can’t believe it is nearly 5 years ago. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Prue x


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