The Viking Arty Party come to Sheffield and this crafty girl’s heart couldn’t have been happier! Viking are one of the worlds leading suppliers in stationary and I was lucky enough to be invited along with some other lovely Sheffield based bloggers to have a day of crafting using Viking supplies!

First of all lets talk venue! The Chimney House in Kelham Island is absolutely gorgeous, industrial, plant heaven, chic. Everything from the reclaimed parquet flooring tables to the old scaffolding board shelves housing the beautiful plants my up-cycling heart was bursting!


It was so much fun to see some of my favourite blogging ladies at the events and a few I hadn’t met. We have such a great blogging community in Sheffield who are all doing great things and kicking butt!

We were broken into three smaller groups for the activities, we had calligraphy with Artsynibs followed by paper cutting and origami with Tea & Crafting.



My first craft was paper cutting which sounds so simple, doesn’t it!?! Well first up this girl realised I had forgotten my glasses (Great work Prue!). Years ago I had done card making classes and my memory of that was that I’m heavy-handed with a knife! I pressed so hard down on this paper its a wonder I wasn’t carving up the table!

We were given a stencil with our initial and we used photograph paper to cut on the reverse side, once cut we stuck it to a peice of card and wa-la, we had a master piece! Do not be fooled when you see a professional doing this, it is really hard! I also think I hold my breath whilst doing it which does not help!



If you’ve seen my hand writing you know I write like a teacher who’s teaching children to write. My grade 5 teacher Mrs Brennan insisted we do join writing. At the time I remember thinking what a drag because I wanted to do really big writing that fit 4 words on a line and put a heart above my ‘i’! Now I’m so glad she made us do it, I love it!

Hand lettering was one of my favourite things to do as a child. I would stencil fonts out of type books and I always had the prettiest headings on school projects!

Joyce from Artsynibs took us through some basic worksheets to get our strokes right and to get use to the different pens. You have to be so mindful of the pressure you are using, I generally use grey lead pencil and I use a lot of pressure so it’s hard to re-adjust. Personally the hardest part of hand lettering for me is spacing but I suppose that is something that comes with time.

Since the Viking Arty Party I have really gotten back into hand lettering. We got given a goodie bag with some card and the pens to take home. My favorite pen is the Pentel Porous Point  which has been great as I’ve been focusing on more of a bubble font than calligraphy. I find lettering really helps me calm my busy brain after a day or work!



Growing up we had a bunch of Japanese exchange students and they would always bring us gifts of beautiful origami paper and make us the most amazing paper creations. When I read the book 1000 papers cranes about the Hiroshima bomb I was then on a mission to make 1000 paper cranes and had them hanging from my bedroom ceiling!

Our origami session was so relaxing, we made paper flowers which were quick and easy. Origami doesn’t take a massive amount of thought and you can just switch off and use your hands. Since the Viking Arty Party I have found myself at my desk making the flowers out of any scrap paper I can find.

The Arty Party was not only a great way to spend a Saturday but it has really reignited my love of hand lettering!

Check out the fab range of stationary at and a huge thank you to Viking for the invite.

I also made a short You Tube video showing what we got up to. Check it out here.

Prue x

All images on the day were taken by the lovely Elouis at, go check her out!


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