Well, hello! It’s madness to think the last time I posted was my 9 months of motherhood post! I’ve now been in the hood known as motherhood for a whole 18months spending the passed 12months of it in some form of lockdown/Covid restrictions.

We haven’t hated lockdown. If your outside of the UK we’ve been in our 3rd full lockdown since early January. All schools closed, all non essential shops closed and we’re not aloud to travel outside of our local area. We’re now slowly coming out of that. I’m a massive home body and I think JJ is to. He loves a slow morning playing with his cars and skateboard. The kid still loves his day time naps although we are in the process of dropping his second nap and we love a good play in the garden, the dirtier the better.

Now this might sound stupid to say but I just really, really like the kid. Our personalities just click. I often wonder whether it’s because I’m not looking for our traits in him. You know when you hear someone say, ‘he’s stubborn just like his father!’ or ‘I wonder if he’ll like arts and crafts like me?’. We’re literally just dealing with a little pocket rocket full of joy and mischief, we have no pre-judgements on what he’ll be like he’s just showing up as himself and being a little superstar.

In all honesty Motherhood really is my jam. I love it and I’m good at it! I think it helps that I’m naturally not a worrier and my cups always full. I always remember through the adoption process our SW asking how parenthood would change our lives and we always insisted that we’d just carry on with our chilled out life with another team member on board. I think he thought we were in for a rude awakening. It’s funny now when we see him because he gets it. JJ joined the party train and we’ve carried on. Our lives didn’t stop and abruptly alter course, we just have more conversations these days about poo!

I think I said it in my last post but every age just keeps getting better and better. He is the biggest chatter box (wonder where he gets that from??) and we are constantly in stitched over the funny things he comes out with. My personal favourite in ‘Woowee’ obviously Louis and it usual followed by a sit down, stop or noooooo! Also the way he says ‘Peeaassss’ (please!) getting his little tounge caught just melts my heart. I literally just go around asking him to say please. Sometimes he obliges, sometimes he just flat out ignores me!

Our next fun thing is potty training. He is constantly telling us he’s weed and pooed but isn’t that bothered about the potty. It sitting in the lounge and I think he just thinks it’s funny that it flushes! When he shows a bit more interest we’ll go with it but until then he can just flush away ’til his hearts content!

All in all we are having a ball! Motherhood is everything I dreamed it would be. We’ve gotten to the point now where I feel like I have a bit of space to breath. I mentally feel like I have the space to think about other things again and I have a fresh enthusiasm around work after the dumpster fire that was 2020!

I hope this post find you all safe and well and that you’ve been able to find silver linings in this passed year of madness. I think if anything for me it’s re-affirmed that the simple, quiet life we were already living is the best one. But man I can’t wait to get my butt wedged into a tiny plane seat and eat terrible plane food again!

Prue x


  1. This is a lovely post to read and made me smile! I’m glad you’ve had a really good first 18 months – sounds like motherhood suits you down to the ground and it’s great to read a positive spin on the 2020 s**t show! It hasn’t been all bad! Look forward to reading more of your blog! xx

    1. Thank you Tilly! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it and yes we have to find the silver linings or we’d all just cry! x

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