Nine months! How the hell have I been a mum for nine months?!? Well, since my last update at six months I can report that the worlds gone mad, (if you live under a rock theirs a Global Pandemic going on) and we’ve basically been at home for 3 months now! But to be honest with you it’s been wonderful!

We are very lucky, Greig set up office in my studio back in March. Having him working from home has been so much fun! Popping out to see him, leaving JJ with him so I can pee in peace and having lunch together everyday has broken my days up and the extra daddy time has thrilled JJ to no end.

Also the pandemic has kind of created a maternity leave that I never had. Overnight my work just stopped, so you know it would be lovely to have a little extra cash but at the same time I feel like the whole world shutting down was basically the only way this self employed girl was getting maternity leave.

I always find myself thinking this is my favourite age and then a few weeks go by and I think no this is my favourite age, I wonder when that stops! JJ is the happiest, most content little boy. He’s cheeky and has a keen sense of adventure, a wicked cackle, love eating plants and soil and is seriously on the move. He climbs the stairs like lightning and is into E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Nothing is safe and I’m constantly looking at things thinking will that kill him if it were to fall on him. The answer is nearly always YES!

Personally I’m not really one for routine but JJ definitely is. For months I was reading about mothers and there apps and routines thinking should I find one of these, where are they hiding!?! And then it just happened, he’s a blooming genius and he found his own! I could literally set my clock by his nap time, bottles and when he eats. I find him loving a routine has helped me so much. In the mornings I race around like a mad women doing house stuff, life admin etc and then his afternoon nap times are much calmer, writing time, baking or whatever projects I have on the go.

Now that he is on the move I love that he has his own independence. Have you read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman . If not add it to your list. On his site there is a quiz which ranks your love languages 1-5, I highly recommend doing it and getting your partner to do it to! Physical touch is number 4 for me so as much as I love baby snuggles having someone, even a cute snuggly baby attached to me all the time was a lot for me. I can’t tell you how many times I have said ‘I’m touched out!’. I love my personal space and that doesn’t change for me even when you’re the cutest little button. He is now charging around the house in his wheelie chasing the dog like a maniac and I love it!

I’ve been claiming that he’s been teething since 8 weeks old and we finally got some teeth last month! Hallelujah! He’s the proud owner of 2 teeth in the front at the bottom and boy are they sharp. He loves an open mouth kiss and a little bite of your nose! He’s also a chatty Cathy which is no surprise to anyone. In March he come out with Daddy and dog. We have now added Mama and JJ.

Last week was a crazy one when our poor little guy got a nasty bladder infection. After being in lock down for so long we all of a sudden saw a lot of people when he was admitted to hospital. Man are those places energy suckers, whilst JJ slept most of the days away and recovered I was literally just staring at white walls. Once we got home JJ was full of beans and it took me a good few days to recover, I was totally drained. It’s actually the first time that I’ve napped when he did. I think the combination of always being switched on, being woken every 4 hours for his obs, the chair bed (for anyone that’s experienced the hospital chair beds you know what I mean!) and just tending to a sick little person just totally knocked me. But not until we got home, once I walked through our door I was like ‘I’m done now!’

I’m sure you’ve already read but in April it all become official, if you miss it read all about it here! From the second JJ come through our door we knew this was his forever home. We had the most straight forward adoption and also had the chance to meet his birth mama who just wanted him to have the best life with us, we just had to wait for it it all to go through the court system. We had been told that due to Covid our court date had been postponed and then out of nowhere we got a letter to say it was being done via video call.

I think a lot of adopters struggle with EPP (foster to adopt) because of the uncertainty around whether that child will be be with them forever or be returned to birth family. For us we never had those worries because of our circumstances so we didn’t have the anxieties for the 8 months that it took but it is certainly lovely for it to all be done. We are now just awaiting his adoption certificate and life story work.

These past three months in lock down have been a wonderful break from life for our little family. We’ll probably never have this chance again to slow down, get back to the basics and appreciate family. I hope that when the world returns to a new normal we remember and hold onto all the things we loved about this time.

Prue x


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