It’s insane to think that I’m even sat down to write this and it’s nap time so I’ve got to be snappy! Six months of motherhood. Six whole months since our social worker delivered us our beautiful, blue eyed little boy. Six months since I was at work one minute and literally a mum the next. If you want to read that story head to our adoption story here.

Motherhood has been everything I imagined and more. I always knew it would be my jam. It’s never for one second felt anything but right. I’m very easy going, Greig’s so relaxed he’s practically horizontal and JJ is a very cool customer. I don’t think our family finders could have done a better job if they tried.

We have be blessed with a sleeper. From about 6 weeks he’s slept through and napped like a superstar! In six months we’ve had 1 night where he was up and inconsolable, the next morning he woke up covered head to toe with a rash which turned out to be a virus so we’ll let him off for that night. I know when I mention this to other sleep deprived parents they want to punch me in the face but I think like adults some babies just slept better than others.

Greig had the first 6 weeks off and that was an amazing time for us to get into a routine and bond. With adoption bonding and forming strong attachments is so important. I think this was also a lot easier with him being 1 day old when he come to us. We are all hes known.

Being able to continue work albeit at a much slower pace has been amazing. I relish my work days, the adult interaction and just feeling like my old self. After spending 10 years building my business the thought of just leaving that behind for a year wasn’t an option. I love that JJ gets to spend 1 on 1 time with his Nan and Aunty and also that he’ll grown up seeing his mum working on her dreams. There is zero mum guilt going on here. I think it’s absolute bull shit if I’m honest. Work days fill up my cup and allow me to be a better mum and wife.

Our little guys has grown like a weed but were still waiting for a tooth! I’ve been saying hes been teething since 2 months old! Nothing makes him happier than sitting in the window watching the world go by and whizzing around the house in his wheelie. He’s crawling all over the place and has just started puling himself up to standing position on the side of the couch which I’m not fine about, he looks way to little! He has the most wicked sense of humour and loves to offer you his dummy then snatch it back just before you get it. I can see were going to have a real cheeky chappy on our hands. He’s chatty and clever, he loves his big brother Lou. He loves his daddy throwing him up in the air and to cuddle in tightly with me on the couch. He loves his play groups and his big cousins, watching videos of himself and FaceTiming his Australian family!

We started weaning in the new year and now he eats anything in his path, including trying to eat the dogs tail if poor Louis stays still for long enough. His favourite dinner is a mixture of any veg I whizz up. He just loves it all! Snack wise he loves avocado and banana mixed together and veggie straws. To be honest veggie straws are my favourite to!

Personally I feel like I’m getting a bit more time back to myself. Those first few months especially after Greig went back to work I was just physically touched out. The baby wanted to be on me all day then Lou Chops wanted to sit on my legs or any spare body part he could get, by the time Greig went for a hug after work he was getting the side eye! Now he’s happy to play independently with his toys while I reply to e-mails or run around in his wheelie while I cook dinner. It just feels nice to be able to do small everyday tasks without having a baby glued to me.

This first 6 month have flown by (I fully understand now when they say the days are long but the years are short.) and I very sadly told Greig the other day that we only have 35 more 6 month periods with him until he could go to uni and fly our nest! Unfortunately I can’t stop time but I can honestly say 8/10 nights when I go to bed that I was present, I enjoyed every cuddle to it’s fullest, I was on the floor shaking the maraca making the animal noises and that I was a fun mum. And to me that’s all that matters.

Prue x



    1. Awww thank you! I love it too. I think I might have to print it. Thank you for always following along and being a great cheer leader! x

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