So, as you may have seen over on Instagram we have had a crazy few months over here. Basically we went from 2 to 3 (4 if were counting our first born fur-baby!) very quickly. Like I was on Insta stories that morning prattling onto you like normal and by lunch we had a baby!

Our whole adoption journey has been a whirlwind. We went from having our interest to adopt accepted in mid January to having a little boy join us in 7 months.

After completing stage 1 and 2 and all that they entailed we went to adoption panel late July. Seven days later we received our ADM decision which made us official adopters (we were dual approved for EPP also known as foster to adopt and regular adoption for up to 2 children). That day I was out shopping when I received the call to come in as they has 3 potential matches. This was so much quicker than we had anticipated. Making it even crazier, Greig was away watching the Ashes but our social worker really wanted to get things moving so Greig’s mum Fe come along with me as another set of ears. They had 3 potential matches for us but we only went through 2 profiles as we knew for sure the first one was the one! After a quick consult and some mad lady texting to Greig we went ahead with an unborn baby boy due to be born the next week.

With our match being an unborn EPP baby that next week we completed additional online courses in foster care. Alongside that we did 7,000 tip runs, tried to finish up ongoing work projects and deep cleaned the kitchen cupboards. You know all the things you do when you have no idea when your life is going to change forever. We knew that whenever baby decided to make an appearance we wouldn’t be able to bring him home until the week after when the ADM would have given us foster carer powers so we were pretty calm about the whole situation knowing we had at least a week.

Later that week baby JJ arrived and both him and his birth mumma were healthy and doing well.

So imagine you go to work one morning, get a phone call at 9:07am from your social worker saying ”Guess what, your paper works back, can you take JJ today if I can arrange the paperwork in time!” cue me on the other end of the phone, ”Yes of course!”. I then hung up the phone and had a slight moment of panic. We had a car seat, a moses basket and a perfect prep machine. We had planned to have a full on weekend of baby prep but the unusual efficiency of the system had caught us out.

I carried on with my day power replying to e-mails and doing post runs like a mad women. Time ticked by and I hadn’t heard back from our SW, I figured he was just busy sorting the paperwork and I didn’t want to pester him. Until he called at midday and said, ‘I have a beautiful baby boy in my car, were 20mins away!’ He chuckled as he explained he got so caught up in the excitement of the morning that he forgot to call me back and tell me all systems were go! I rung Greig in a panic who was in the chip shop getting his offices lunch, I shouted something about getting home now. He couldn’t miss our boy arriving! I run in the house where a poor carpet fitter was cutting the carpets and in an incoherent rumble shouted that he needed to cut quicker or not at all! Greig burst through the door at 12.30 fish and chips in hand just in time for our social worker to arrive carrying our precious little 1 day old cargo. He was all dressed in white with a huge knitted cardigan and a lovely knitted hat.

Twenty minutes later our social workers left and we were there with a baby, a box of tiny nappies, a tub of formula and his red book! I think it will remain one of the most surreal days of my life forever. I had clients coming to collect orders that afternoon and I was like ”Hi, I have a baby inside!”

Greigs mum and sister stepped in and arrived with all the things. Turns out you really don’t need that many things for a newborn. Formula, nappies, clothes, a bed. The next week was spent having PJ days filled with snuggles, making random Amazon Prime orders and taking thousands of pictures as he pulled little faces while he slept.

After a couple of weeks of hibernation we were a little sick of the sight of our own house so we set off on a road trip to Scotland! He is such a good little traveller. He loves his car seat and sleeps every time he sits in it and I also think he enjoyed the Scottish accent. I obviously took him to my favourite sweet store in Crieff and we took all the touristy pics to commemorate his first mini trip!

Greig had 5 weeks adoption leave so it was really lovely to have him home for that time. Once he was back to the grind we started finding our new normal whilst also doing important things like re-watch Dawsons Creek Series 1-6. I actually think it’s better second time round! We are also pretty into Stacey Dooley and Lewis Theroix documentories. I’m giving him a really well rounded view of the world!

We still have a few things that need to happen before JJ is legally a Batty because nothing about adoption is simple or straight forward. But that will all happen with time and we will continue to enjoy every long awaited minute with this precious little boy that we are so lucky to have in our lives.

Thank you to you all for your lovely messages, gifts, prayers and love. It really means the world to us that so many of you have shared in our happiness.

Prue x


11 thoughts on “OUR ADOPTION STORY

  1. What a beautiful story. JJ is one lucky little boy. You two are great parents. I look forward to seeing more of the Batty Family

  2. Wonderful. Love you guys and you all deserve the best. JJ is amazing and he is a lucky little boy to have you as his parents xx

  3. What a beautiful story! Could you tell me how the preparation for FTA is different froM a regular adoption? Is it quite unusual to be matched with an unborn baby? What a blessing! If I ever adopt, I’d love it to be just like that ❤️ Wishing you all the best x

  4. So lovely reading your adoption story. How quick was that. Not enough time to think about it. Fab! Love that you went to Scotland
    Our daughter came home at 3 months and I remember we sat there after the social worker went and said Oh sh1t, what do we do now!
    All the very best to you all.

  5. I was having tears of joy by the end of this… And you’ve made me think differently about the Foster to Adopt scheme.

    OMG, no way re Dawson’s Creek. I am currently rewatching it too. Not admitted this to anybody till now, after the scathing looks my hubby gave me I grew up with it originally and loved it. Just starting Series 3 after Joey’s Dad gone back to prison!

    1. Yes I think F2A is sometimes misunderstood and can seem like a really high risk situation when a lot of the time it’s not.
      Ha… It’s on the internet now forever! I loved it second time round and had totally forgotten how the ending was so rushed and the emotional rollercoaster that was Jen’s death! Still wasn’t ready for that! x

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