Although we are now firmly into 2019, I’d say I’ve made a slow, very tentative roll into the new year as opposed to running all guns blazing. The Christmas plague of 2018 had me knocked out but fear not I’m back and easing my way into the new year with little baby steps. I love to do a year in review, I think it makes you appreciate just how much you can get done (or not done in some cases!) in 365 days!

I love a goal and let me tell you, I had plenty of them for 2018! In a fit of feeling on top of life and able to take on the world I said yes to everything, I juggled 57 plates at a time and then beat myself up when the occasional one dropped. It’s so hard when your self-employed and trying to constantly build. You don’t want to miss the opportunities but at the same time you know that thing is probably going to push you over the edge and take all your free time. There is no such thing as balance and I think 2018 taught me that. Going into 2019 if it’s not a hell yes it’s a hell no!

Early 2018 took me on lots of fun adventures! London to hang out at Etsy HQ, Scotland for our annual Easter family break and Los Angeles to meet up with my favourite American ladies and have an amazing weekend of self-development at the Rise conference.

Twenty eighteen also brought the most amazing Summer I have ever witnessed in the UK (hello global warming!). I spent all my spare time in the Spring/Summer pottering around in the garden, reading all the books and hanging out with my little Lou Chops on the deck.

In June I re-launched my new site and really made a commitment to post regularly and guess what consistency really does work! Blogging and those little squares have brought so many fabulous people into my life over the past two years. One of my favourite things to do is meet my internet friends in real life and so far they haven’t disappointed! I see so many people get bogged down in followers and engagement but to be honest I just like creating this space. If I never make money or get free gifts that’s fine with me. I love having my little corner of the internet to look back on, remind me of a lovely holiday or what I was feeling at that time. In 2019 I plan to document more of what I love and not only post the things I know will do well.

I was lucky enough to attend some fun events this year. The Viking Arty Party at the Chimney House in Sheffield was the perfect Saturday. Paper cutting, calligraphy and origami with delicious food in a gorgeous setting and some of my favourite blogging ladies. Also JYSK opened their new store in Doncaster which is fab, if you haven’t been yet go. I worked with JYSK on my first ever collaboration. We did a dinning room make-over and I love it so much. I’m currently writing to you from here!

We finished Summer with a trip to Greece with my sister and brother-in-law. We had 2 weeks of sunshine, floating around on fruit inflatables and eating too much feta which was just what we needed after a busy Summer cricketing.

I headed home for one of my oldest friends wedding in October and managed to score another wedding invite while I was there! Who doesn’t love a wedding! I had 2 weeks of catching up with friends, squeezing all the babies and hanging out with my Dora. This April its 13 years since I moved to the UK but whenever I go home I just slot straight back into life. I have the best friends there and I always think about what our life would be like if we lived there all the time.


One of my big goals for 2018 was to build The Cool Calm Collection and that I did. We started amping up for Christmas in September with our Early Bird Sale and it rolled on from there. I talk about it all the time but The CCC is what makes my heart happy and this was one of my big wins for the year! I’m exciting about 2019 and expanding the range with homewares and other fun things. Watch this space!

If this year has taught me anything it’s that you can have it all but maybe not all at the same time. Moving into 2019 I am taking on board something I heard Monica Beatrice say and focusing on home, health and hustle in that order. If my health and home are in order my hustle will follow.

Some lessons 2018 brought my way:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal is something that I really look forward to and rely on. It’s the first thing I do every morning when I get to my desk.
  • Saying no often means that you’ll have time for a bigger yes!
  • It’s ok to strive for a goal and miss it, you will be further along than you would have been had you not set it.
  • Be intentional about what you want every single day otherwise it won’t happen!
  • The Universe has my back,  I talk to her often we are like old pals.
  • Money is a tool and to stop attaching emotion to it.

We have so much coming up this year and I can’t wait to share it all with you but for now thank you for being here. The House of Skirt and The CCC are really my favourite things to do. Thank you for being here through the fabulous tassel earring days, for washing your hair on Wednesdays with me and  for showing up when more coffee’s required. I hope your 2019 is full of chasing down those big dreams and striving to be a better you each and every day.

Prue x


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