You may remember back in April I went to LA to attend the Rise conference put on by Rachel Hollis and the Chic Media team. The conference and weekend as a whole is more than I can put into words but one exercise we did that I LOVED on day 2 was finding our Power Word.

Rachel lead us through a guided meditation. Pushing us to see where we wanted to be in 5 years and 10. Where we lived, who was around us, what we looked like. As we were lead through the exercise we come to our Power Word. The word we would stand on and come back to when life throws out curve balls as it so often does.

My Power Word is LEADER.

I’m not going to lie, I could visually see this word as I sat there with my eyes shut and my brain instantly took over and said NO, that sounds like hard work. Just pick funny! I mean it’s not hard to be funny, I like to make people laugh!

For me the word Leader is such a loaded word. It requires action and a stance. All of which I was telling myself I’m not in the right space for.

I sat there and grappled with it. When I heard people sharing their word I just didn’t say anything because I thought, I don’t want to commit to this loaded word and then not chase it down.

The truth is, I think I’m a born leader. I was the most responsible child you could meet. As soon as there were class election I was a Class Captain, SRC, Sports Leader, Campus Captain. You name it I had the badge.Then somewhere along the way in my teens and 20’s I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear what I had to say. I retreated to being a frustrated follower while I watched other women do the things I wanted to be doing.

The funny thing is when I got back from LA I walked into my studio and the first thing I saw was a tote bag that said LEADER! I had created a range of tote bags last year with empowering words emblazoned across them. Maybe my subconscious was giving me a push.

For me being a leader isn’t about running for Prime Minister or any other title. I want to lead in all the areas of my life that I love. I want to show young girls that they can start businesses, write blogs and have You Tube channels. I want to live my most authentic and outrageous life by being unapologetically me. It may ruffle a few feathers but in doing that I hope that other women feel that they can do the same. I want to lead in my local community and showcase this great place that we live. I want to be honest about my imperfect but amazing life and share with you all of the highs and the lows. I want to constantly be a reminder that you are enough and you get to choose happiness every day! I want to lead in my examples of marriage and friendship and really show up for people.

So for me, funny would definitely have been easier, but life isn’t about being easy.

Maybe by me being a Leader and conquering my mountain, it might help you conquer yours.

Launching today at midday over on The Cool Calm Collection are our Power Word Totes. So you can be reminded everyday to keep climbing that mountain to achieve your goals! Because in the words of Rachel Hollis- ‘Nobody cares about your dreams as much as you do!’

Prue x








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