Do you ever get home sick? The first question everyone asked when they realise that I actually live in the UK.

The really quick answer is no. I truly believe that in another life I was a gypsy because I really am happy where ever I land. I believe home is where you make it and that you get to choose happy! Whether that’s in the place you grew up or half way around the world.

Looking back now in all of my 18 year old wisdom I was really intentional about making a community. I didn’t want to be on the other side of the world with no friends of my own. Within 2 weeks of landing I had a job, I had joined a netball team and then I proceeded to join every group you could imagine. I joined the WI, card making class, Zumba, basketball, the gym, jewellery making classes, public speaking club, the library you name it I belonged to it! I knew that to be happy I had to have my own people separate to Greig. I wasn’t going to get stuck in a situation where I was dependant on him for friends.

Also in those early days which were the hardest by far I had Europe at my doorstep. Even when I missed home and my friends it felt way to cool that I could just jump on a cheap flight and be in Italy or Spain in a few hours. Those first couple of years before we had real jobs and houses were what my now 31 year old dreams are made of. Last minute flights, spontaneous long weekends, being so broke but doing it anyway. How could I be missing home when I was living out the dreams I’d had growing up in a small town in Australia!

I do miss Australia and being by the water and the weather but mainly I miss doing daily life with my people. I remember back in the early days missing my best friends 21st birthdays and wishing I could be there or missing my netball team when they had a great win. Probably the hardest times were when my grandparents died and I couldn’t go back for their funerals. Nowadays it’s missing the BBQ’s in Summer, the spontaneous cups of tea and squeezing all the babies. But knowing I have that all still there is amazing and I love going home and slotting right back into life like I’ve never been gone.

Back in the day (2006) my girlfriends and I would write hand written letters because Facebook was kind of a thing but not everyone was on it, it’s so funny now to go back and read them all! In 2018 my friends and family are at the other end of FaceTime or Instagram stories, I virtually meet babies and boyfriends and the world really has never felt smaller.

So the answer is no, I’ve never felt home sick because home is where you make it but yes I miss my people.

Prue x

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