Ok guys, let’s talk about feet! Nothing makes my heart happier than finding out my Instagram friends love gross things like peeling feet as much as I do! You’re daily notes asking how my feet were going or how I sleep in the same bed with Greig’s gross trotters warmed my heart and made me chuckle!  Why didn’t someone tell me sooner that the golden ticket to great social media interaction was going to me our ugly feet!


I bought the Lavendar Foot Peel because you saw our feet we needed them! Also last year on holiday in Ibiza my friend Alice’s feet were peeling and she has done one similar. I love anything gross so the thought of skin peeling off my own feet was just way to much excitement to bear!

The instructions say to leave them on for 60-90mins. My girl Landyn, over at Living with Landyn mentioned her dermatologist said to leave it for 3 hours so that’s what we did and it worked a treat!

We started seeing peeling around day 3. I was soaking my feet for 20mins a night in warm water and skin would start to rub off especially underneath my toes that was definitely the first area to peel. Day 5-6 my soles and balls of my feet started coming off in larger chunks followed by the tops of my feet and around my ankle. Around this time Greig’s feet started to look like those of a dead corpse that just got dragged out of a swamp!

I would say I had completely finished peeling come day 9, I was still soaking them every night and giving them a good exfoliate with a glove!

My feet are lovely, they have never been softer. Greigs feet are kind of a lost cause (thanks to cricket and toe nails dropping off!) but his definitely look better. I personally think he could do with another few rounds and he’d probably drop a shoe size or two! Also our feet look so dirty in these pics! We don’t wear shoes at home and we spend a lot of time in the garden, we’re not just filthy people!

Anyway I think you and the men in your life should try these. It’s also worth saying Greig has a size 12 foot and it was a real stretch to get the bootie on his foot so I think a size 12 is the max. I’m going to do the peel again just before we go to Greece so I have silky smooth feet for holiday!

If you try them tag me in your pics, I want to see your peeling feet!

Prue x

2 thoughts on “LET’S TALK ABOUT FEET!

  1. I would live to give these a go….however for some reason it says I cannot as I’m breastfeeding….would also need to find a vegan version….

    1. They are fab! I’ve just looked how strange that there is milk in them! Also I wonder why you can do use they while nursing or pregnant. How odd. x

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