If you guys have hung around here for very long you know that I wear black jeans like it’s my day job!  I found a pair I love at one of my suppliers, straight leg (because this girl isn’t built for a skinny) and a 32” leg so I got four pairs of them! I wear them for work, to brunch, dressed down, dressed up! Basically if you’ve invited me somewhere I’ll be in black jeans unless you’ve specified a dress code like black tie!

I’m not really one to follow trends or have a lot of clothes (I’d rather have a few versatile pieces and go on more holidays!) but I know what I like and I stick to it, so here is 4 ways I style black jeans! I’m into fun, easy and comfortable fashion. You won’t find me in sky scraper heels because, hello 5’11” and I always want to be comfortable because you never know when your going to have to bust a move or catch a robber! So hear is how I take black jeans from the Farmers Market to date night!


I have always been a tom boy so trainers and caps are where I feel cute. Throw in a cute quote tee and a flannel shirt and this girls is ready for a Saturday morning Market run!

Made for More cap can be purchased here, also a portion of the caps goes to Austin Angels which is an amazing charity supporting foster children. Flannel shirt is just an old one from Primark, I’m sure they will have a bunch as we move into Autumn. You may have spotted me wearing this tee around lately. It’s new to The Cool Calm Collection as of today! It’s hard to see in this pic but it reads ‘You’ve got this’ and you can grab your very own right here. My tortoise shell glasses are just cheapies, I have a habit of sitting on glasses so I don’t spend a fortune! My Celine Bucket Bag from The Cool Calm Collection  is one of my favourites, I literally don’t leave the house without it and finally my trusty Adidas trainers.


Ok so I’m not at all tough or bikery but hells-a-bells, put a leather jacket on me and give me a bandana and I’m practically riding off into the sunset with Jax-anyone else love Sons of Anarchy way to much?! I still haven’t recovered from how upset I was about the ending, I just feel like I could have written it better! Anyway clothes Prue clothes!

I’ve paired my jeans with a simple stripe tee, I got this from HM but you can literally find them everywhere at the minute. My leather jacket is an old season Ralph Lauren, you can find this years version here. You may have seen I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials to perfect my top knot skill and I’m loving wrapping my bandana around it to add a little cutesy to the biker look.  My heart glasses which I love and Greig still hates add a fun touch and I’m finishing the look with my custom Laney Pouch from The Cool Calm Collection

Funny story about my Chelsea Boots! I bought them from TK Maxx a couple of years ago when my sister was over. She was laughing at me for having giant feet and then when we went through the till they popped up as mens shoes! So I have man-sized feet but do you know what they’re super comfy so I don’t care!


Ok, if you saw on my Instagram this week I found the most amazing pair of booties at TK Maxx. They have made my heart happy and cost £20. What!!! So I like to call this look, I’m meeting my girlfriends and I’m about to eat everything on the breakfast menu! That’s a bit lengthy to be catchy so we’ll go with Country Brunching!

Starting from the top, you can never go wrong with a denim jacket! I got this one from Primark about 7 years ago and it’s my old faithful! I love it and you can find them everywhere at this time of year. Again I whipped out my bandana, I literally wear this every way you can imagine, for this look I’ve gone with a neck tie. Again this is a new tee launching over at The Cool Calm Collection today and I know a bunch of you have spotted me wearing it because you’ve been asking where it from! Well it’s live over on the site guys, find the ‘Living my best life’ tee here! I also put two bags with this look the Laney Pouch and the Laurie Tote.  And then those beautiful fringed booties, I have searched the TK Maxx website for you guys and they don’t have them online, go search your local store, they were such a find! And also really flattering on the ol’ kankle! If you find them send me a pic!


This classic white shirt (always with the front tuck!) and nude shoes look is my go to for when I have a big meeting or when I just feel like I need to look like I’m adulting well! Also this is as high as a heel goes for me, I have netball knees and I’m already a giant!

My white shirt is from Cotton On is Australia, its long sleeve but I always roll my sleeves up! My clutch is wicker and was one of my favourite finds at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA. I also styled it with my wooden bag which has been my go to bag this Summer, you can find your very own here.  These Royal blue tasselled earrings are the HM beauties that I have in every colour and my necklace is an old Primark number that I like to wear under a plain shirt to create a little more interest. Finally these shoes I bought in Australia years ago and they are the comfiest most flattering shoes. They make these kankles look so slim, I wish I had of bought a few pairs!

So that’s a wrap on how I take my black jeans from a casual sporty look to a more grown up I have my shit together look! I really don’t believe you need to own wardrobes of clothes or spend a lot of money to have a versatile wardrobe all you need is a few key pieces and black jeans are definitely a must have.

Prue x







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