Do you ever find yourself thinking, it’s hilarious that people believe I’m an adult?!? They’ve given me responsibility, I keep other things and people alive! And then you find yourself bogged down in the mundane day-to-day stuff and you think ‘Yep, it’s true I’m an adult!’. Check out my list of you know you’re an adult when… moments and see if you can relate.


  1. When you walk into IKEA and it’s like a minimalist, Swedish version of Disney with great meatballs at the end!
  2. You adopt the sleep patterns of a toddler and say things like ‘My most productive hours are those quiet hours in the morning before the world wakes!’
  3. Your body aches from having a movie day on the couch and simply laying still.
  4. You don’t have the extra drink on a Saturday night because your Sundays are to important of a prep day to waste. You need to start your week right!
  5. When a free weekend with nothing on is bliss and you can stay in not shower and more importantly not wear a bra!
  6. You buy the sensible heels for the occasion because lord know you don’t want to be that girl on the dance floor without shoes on!
  7. Your bank statement that used to be a list of trendy restaurants and bars is now life insurance, pensions and direct debits to your savings account.
  8. You opt for the new Pinterest worthy bathroom over the festival tickets and Summer of fun!
  9. Your house/garden requires a house sitter to maintain it while your on holiday!
  10. You have a gardener or cleaner or both. More power to ya sister!
  11. You consider getting rid of all lifes joys like Sky TV/spa days ect to pay more off your mortgage each month!
  12. You feel like you’ve won at life when you argue with the Sky person for so long that they half your monthly bill!
  13. You realise that people born in the year 2000 are now 18! WTF!
  14.  You walk away from the sale item because you know it’s not saving you money because you never intended on buying it in the first place!
  15. You’re overly excited about your Dyson V8 and instagram yourself hovering all the time, but instantly feel better because so many people love it with you.
  16. You food prep and batch cook!
  17. You keep stamps in your wallet to save trips to the post office!
  18. You have a favourite pan that nothing ever sticks to! Even without spray!
  19. You know when bin day is without having the message your neighbour!
  20. You know your neighbours and have them round for dinner and drinks!
  21. Your metabolism just stopped on day and you gain 10lbs overnight!
  22. You are someone boss or manager, which is horrifying that you are in charge of anyones future.
  23. You no longer get invited to 18th and 21st just 30th and 40th’s!
  24. Your onto second time around weddings, which is good if you didn’t love their first choice!
  25. People ask for your advice!
  26. You collect repeat prescriptions from the doctors for things like heart burn!
  27. You bask in the glory of an empty laundry basket and clean house.
  28. You change your sheets on a regular basis!

I’d love to hear any of your moments that remind you of your adult status, drop them in the comments below.

Prue x



  1. Haha love this Prue!
    Mine would be that I used to stay up all night partying … now I stay up all night because the bloody menopause is playing havoc with my sleep !

    1. Awww Tracey you crack me up! The blooming menopause, I’ll hopefully not be there for a good while but so funny how times change.
      Have a great weekend! x

  2. Hahahaha…these are all great. I think number 5 is my fave and most definitely on my weekend agenda. Thank you for a Saturday morning giggle.

    1. I live for those weekends Lisa! I think I need a weekend from my weekend right now! Hope you had a fab weekend! x

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