Girl, wash your face


So guys, I have a friend and she wrote a book, Girl Wash Your Face which is out today and it’s so dam good you all need to go read it!

I have been following along with Rachel and The Chic Tribe for years now and even went to Texas last year to party with them all at her 2 day women’s conference. To this day it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! Read all about it here!

I was lucky enough to receive an advance readers copy (I know super fancy!) and I have to tell you guys this book is A-H-mazing.

Rachel starts each chapter with a lie she believed about her self. She then goes in to honest stories from her childhood, marriage and life as a mum and business owner outlining why she believed that and how she over come that lie. Finishing each chapter with tangible take aways to help you.

Girl, wash your face isn’t a preachy self-help book but more of a good friend or sister sitting you down and giving it to your straight, not pulling any punches. And lets face it, we all need to be called out on our own bullshit from time to time.

Rachel asks questions like, what would happen if you didn’t break that promise to yourself? Which made me realise that more than anyone else I let promises to myself slide. In 2017 alone I started training for a 10k, but the weather got cold. I gave up cheese, but then I really wanted the pizza. I gave up gluten, until I went to that restaurant where it was either something containing gluten or a lettuce leaf! I gave up milk in my coffee, until I just couldn’t stand black coffee anymore (2 cups in!). I started spinning but that bone in my butt hurt so much that I quit. I started about 15 books which remain half read and the list could go on and that’s just 2017! I often call people out for being flakey, making plans with them knowing there will be a last-minute call cancelling. But it never occurred to me that I was the biggest flake in my life!

Chapter 10. I should be further along by now-hit home hard! I constantly look at my life and think what would life be like if… I had a regular 9-5 job? I had children? I ran a crafting empire? I find myself comparing my life to women in there 40’s who have 10 years on me, or women that look like they were an overnight success but really were grinding it out for years before they reached that tipping point. And all it really comes down to is that comparing myself to these women is only robbing me of joy, of my successes and the business that I have built.

Rachel dares us to dream bigger and implores us to be better than we were yesterday whilst not taking no for an answer!

I’m jetting off to LA in 9 weeks for this years Rise conference and I can’t wait. It’s my yearly dose of self-love and butt kicking all in one. And also Americans are so much more Woo Woo than English folk and I love it!

If you’re in need of someone to shake you by the shoulders and push you a little bit harder whilst laughing through tears this is the book for you.

You can get Girls, wash your face on Amazon and Rach also narrates the audio version which is definitely worth a listen.

Happy reading!

Prue x

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