How do you know you have found the one?

I met my husband back in the day when you met people at parties and just made out like school kids! It seemed easy and carefree, the polar opposite to what I see friends doing today with online dating and apps! It’s like a job interview before you have even met the person! No wonder finding the one is so hard when your sifting though thousands of CV’s!

So once you’ve met them in real life (like they were in front of you and you could touch them!) here are my 17 moments you’ll realise they are the ONE!

  1. Being around them makes you a better person. I am like a broken record about this, if your partner brings out the best in you and make your a nicer person hold on tight to them!
  2. They believes in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself.
  3.  They are willing to do anything for you- I mean we’ve all had the emergency trip to Tescos at 1am for cystitus sachets, or something equally as embarrassing!
  4. Someone that makes you laugh so hard you think you’ll pee your pants.
  5. Surprises you- be it a nice little note in your lunch bag, a surpirse date night or a new kitchen. Everyone loves a surprise!
  6. Pushes you to do things you thought you couldn’t do or wouldn’t have attempted on your own.
  7. You enjoy spending time together-even if it is just on the couch eatting tortilla chips!
  8. They willingly partake in Ikea adventures. Obviously there is always the promise of hotdags and meatballs at the end, I mean I’m not unreasonable!
  9. They sing your praises. There is nothing more attractive that hearing someone speak of there partner with admiration and pride.
  10. Bear hugs- sometimes you just need to be hugged so tighly that everything feels ok, even if it’s not.
  11. Someone that looks at you like your the most beautiful girl in the world-in reality you have cookie monster pj’s on, covered in dog hair with coco pops spilt down the front.
  12. Start the shower running so that the water is warm for you to hop into.
  13. Cleans the house and doesn’t think that all domestic duties are yours! We love a modern man!
  14. Opens doors for you-chivalry is not dead.
  15. Always greets you with a kiss and cuddle.
  16. Turns to you in the morning before their phone!
  17. When you’re no longer interested in being right, you’re just interestd in being happy!

I could go on all day but I’m going to stop at 17!

What was it that made you realised you had found the one?

Let me know below in the comments.

Prue x

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