When I think about the last few years of my life all I think about is the massive changes that I’ve gone through to get here today.

If someone had of asked me 3 years ago ‘Are you good with change?’ I would have laughed in there face! Of course I’m good with change. I moved half way around the world at 18 to be with a boy, I’ve had lots of jobs, I have my own business, I constantly have projects on the go. I am the epitome of someone that loves change!

And then it dawned on me. The sleepless nights, the levels of worry that I thought only my Mum was capable of, the handfuls of food I was unconsciously shoving in my mouth. I hated change!

I had the most secure and story book child hood. I had no worries and plenty of time to play netball and be a kid. When I was 18 my dad left but not in the caring dad leaving way he did it in a huge dick-ish way, which caused a huge amount of upheaval. Which is why I think for the past 10 years I have been on a mission in life to make everything as comfortable and secure as possible which I have achieved. I am 29 but really I’m the biggest Grandma you’ll ever meet!

All of this I think has lead me to this place where I really resist change. I feel resentment towards the people that have caused the change to happen and I really have to make a conscious effort to be bright and bubbly otherwise I think I could very easily fall into being a real negative Nancy. And no one likes negative Nancy!

So in an effort to embrace change and be the the most positive Prue I can be for 2017 I am focusing on the new and good! Every night I come home and count my lucky stars I have a lovely house, filled with my Greig and little Lou Chops. I’m celebrating the small victories, whether that be a new customer, a new recipe that turns out well, new product range, a great sale or a nice review! I am high fiving, woo hoo-ing and complimenting myself through my days because I’ve come to realise if I’m not nobody else is going too! My office happy dance is beyond embarrassing as I have the rhythm and moves of your great uncle on crutches!

Looking at the positives no matter how small is helping me let go of the past and the places I was comfortable. I’m excited for the new. Who knows the next phone call might be your next big client or that email you thought was spam might actually turn into an amazing deal! All I know is that if I don’t put myself out there, embrace change and try then I’ll be no further along in life. I’ll just be pissed off about the past and no one likes a negative Nancy!

Prue x

P.S-I should say I know and love a Nancy but negative Nancy is just who I turn to! Sorry Nancys!




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