So now that I have reached the ripe old age of 30 and I’m obviously brimming with wisdom (insert silent chuckles to myself!) I thought I share some of the lessons my 20’s brought me.

1. I really wasn’t the gigantic chubby girl in high school! Now to be fair I am quiet big at 5’11’’ but there wasn’t a lump or bump on me! I now look back at pictures and can remember feeling fat and frumpy in certain outfits that I could only wish to squeeze myself into today!

2. People lie! At 18 I innocently ventured into the world thinking people were kind and honest and if you treated them well they’d treat you well. I quickly learnt this isn’t the case but unfortunately this is something you only learn after being led up the garden path a few time!

3. Friends come and go. I found in my early 20’s I would meet people in the most random ways- we’d live in each other’s pockets until we moved jobs, cities or just drifted apart. I love Facebook for reminding me of these random friendships that shape your early 20’s and remind you of the nights you slept on landings or hitch hiked home!

4. Having 5 amazing friends is better than having 50 BFF’s that are meh-ok! These days I prefer a tighter group of peeps that completely get the mentalness that is me and don’t judge or question it.

5. Holding my tongue. I know it will completely surprise you but I like to weigh in on most matters. If I feel like someone has done something wrong and got away with it, it grinds on me so bad! With age karma has become my best friend (as I type this I can hear myself! ‘Karma will come and bite them on the arse!’). I believe you get back what you put out to the universe! I can now sleep tightly at night knowing karma is my bestie and the unkind folk of the world will have their day.

6. Your metabolism, completely packs up and goes home at round 25! Around the same time that green juices, wheat grass shots and pilates become your best friend!

7. Your siblings (in my case sisters! Hence the house of skirt!) Have your back forever! If you’re lucky enough to have sisters you’ll know exactly what I mean! Nobody can offend you, trip you up and tell you, you look chunky in a dress quite like your sister. But trust me if you say it to me you’ll cope 7 shades of the House of Skirt!

8. Your parents aren’t the perfect people you grew up thinking they were! I know right, revelation your parents are regular people to. In my case my dad. Coming to terms with the fact that they have issues and their own short comings is hard. You grow up worshiping them, to let you down in ways you could never image. With age also comes the grace to know that you can’t change people and that they are on their own path.

9. PJ’s, couch and vodka in a mug are all perfectly acceptable on a Saturday night. I remember going shopping every Friday after work (this is obvs pre-ASOS!) to get something new and slinky to make heads turn on a Saturday night! Nowadays I prefer dinner parties and quiet nights in with friends drinking too much, playing board games and sitting in the hot tub until we look like prunes! The mere thought of being out in 3’’ heels till 4am in a club makes me want to cry! Give me a pair of UGG boots please!

10. Declining invitations. Back in the day I was such a people pleaser, I’d attend everything I was invited to as not to offend, nowadays I feel comfortable in saying ‘No thank-you’ and not feeling the need to chase it up with some strange excuse, ‘my dogs been in for an operation and I need to bath his stitches’ ect!!

11. Achieving a work life balance. This is something that I think everyone deals with and I’d like to think I have it in hand. Let’s face it nobody on their death bed wishes they had worked a few extra hours! I take heart in knowing nobody will die if I can’t fit it in today (you should all be grateful I’m not a doctor, I print t-shirts!)

12. The massive problems you have today will be something to laugh about in a few days’ time! Along the way I realised nothing is as bad as it really seems. That flat tyre you could have done without, the delivery that turned up wrong, that e-mail that failed to send. Lighten up, the world works in mysterious ways; everything works out the way it’s supposed to!

13. Your waters. I’m constantly saying ‘I can feel it in my waters.’ For some reason I feel extremely close and in touch with my waters and so far they have served me well! At first I would have reservations then I would need solid proof before acting on my gut feeling. Nowadays my water rule and if you fail my waters I’m pretty hard to convince.

So 30 years in and I think we’re all good! I have a 100% pass rate on dealing with life’s challenging days!

I’ve loved, lost, been scammed and taken advantage of and I think it’d made me a better person (slightly cynical but better!)

Everyone says there 20’s were the worst years. Mine have been pretty damn amazing so I can only image how good the 30’s must be!

Bring on the adventure and life lessons that are too come. I can’t wait!

Prue x



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