Welcome to The House of Skirt, get a beverage and lets chat!

Growing up with 2 sisters in a house dominated by girls our home fondly became known as The House of Skirt. A place where there was no topic untouched, craft was always a good idea, baking was a daily occurrence and fashion parades were aplenty!

So, about me. Originally from Australia I moved to Yorkshire at 18 (a baby, I know, how did my mum let me leave!), I had met my now husband Greig (he’s super lovely and a bit of a dream boat! More about him later!) Out in Australia when I was 17. Leaving The House of Skirt I was thrust into an independent life! I loved my new freedom and the endless adventures life had install for me which in turn made me grow up very quickly, hence why my husband now affectionately tells me I’m an 80 year old in a 31 year olds body!!

I run my own branding agency and I love being creative on a daily basis. I love cooking, crafting and taking photos of beautiful things. My nights are filled with trying new ideas. If they work you’ll see them, if they don’t they’ll be stashed at the bottom of my bin!

I have a serious green thumb and my house is full of plants to my poor Greig’s dismay! We are currently renovating an old cottage and although we are nearly there it will never be totally done because I’m always finding new projects!

Things you will defiantly see on THOS-
• My Lou Chops-My beagle Prince Louis is beyond adorable and the centre of my universe!
• My house-I am completely obsessed with making things beautiful and creating unique upcycled pieces.
• General life advice-I’m probably in no position to give any but I always like to weigh in with my thoughts.
• Plants/gardening-I should be a member of HPA (House plants anonymous!) There will be pics, my issues are real people!
• All the things in life I find pretty!

I want The House of Skirt to be a place I can share my loves, my thoughts, travels far and wide, life lessons good and bad and all the pretty things along the way.

Prue x