You may remember back in May I was invited to the launch party of the new Turtle Bay Sheffield. Turtle Bay Sheffield is a bright and refreshing Caribbean restaurant with many locations across the UK. You can find Turtle Bay bang in the centre of Sheffield on Holly St, right next to City Hall and across from John Lewis. On Sunday I was so excited to be invited back for a complimentary meal and drinks so that I could tell you lovely lot all about it! I also used it as a good excuse for a rare Summer weekend date day with Greig , because you know cricket season!

Upon arrival the staff couldn’t have been friendlier. We were shown to our booth and introduced to Emma who would be looking after us. You know I love a good bit of colour, well Turtle Bay almost feels like what my dreams are made of, rainbow vomit, mural walls and colourful upholstered furniture!

Emma brought us the menus and took our drinks order. Mojitos were the order of the day and bonus it was happy hour and they were on 2 for 1. Greig had made the school boy error of driving, yippeee for me! The cocktails are £7.15 so at 2 for 1 they are a steal not to mention strong, which is always a good thing! Greig did have lemonade and I’ve now decided that all soft drinks in my house will now be served like this, isn’t the brown paper a cute idea!

We are big fish eaters so the seafood sharing platter was an easy choice. The food arrived in a timely fashion and it was delicious! Special mentions for the crispy chilli squid and the sweet corn fritters! I’m a picker so sharing platters are my jam. Also at £14 I think that’s really reasonable for a starter for 2, it was quiet large so if you weren’t that hungry you could definitely have it between 3 or 4.

For mains I asked for Emma’s recommendation. The menu is pretty big and I struggle with decisions. I went with the Jerk Chicken with coconut jerk (which is creamier and less spicy!) and Greig went with the Jerk Baby Back Pork Ribs. Both meals come with rice and peas which I loved, coconut shavings and spicy slaw. For sides we got cheesy jerk fries, a super green salad and dumplings.

My meal was delicious the chicken fell off the bone, I much prefer chicken on a bone to breast. The jerk marinade was lovely and I was really surprised that the spiciest thing I ate was the Spicy slaw. The jerk fries were sweet potatoe which were delish and the dumplings were like a normal dumpling but deep fried. They were really nice but I could only eat one!

I stole some of Greig’s ribs because I’m that type of person and they were really nice. He finished off everything and was very happy with his decision. He also made comment of the huge variety on the menu and we both agreed there is a handful of other meals we’d love to try.

I have a big ol’ sweet tooth so I always save a little spot for desert! Whenever we go out for a meal one of us has to order a sticky toffee pudding because you know what you’re getting, then if what the other ordered isn’t great we can share! So Greig ordered our usual sticky toffee pudding and I ordered the Caymanas Upside Down Rum Cake. Both dessert were amazing, Greig polished off the sticky toffee pudding and I had a good go at the rum cake but I was just to full!

Along with dessert we tried another cocktail the Rum Jumbled Julip which basically tasted like a delicious tropical juice full of rum! Needless to say I loved it!

We had a really lovely, chilled out afternoon. Turtle Bay offers a really relaxed atmosphere, great food and drinks, with super friendly staff! We loved it so much we already have plans to go back in the next few weeks.

Thank you to our fabulous waitress Emma, Maya and Siobhan at Siobhan Hanley Communications for arranging our reservation and for Turtle Bay Sheffield for having us!

Just to be really clear this meal was complimentary for the purposes of this review but all opinions like always are my own!

Prue x



  1. Lovely review Prue.
    I loved it here too and also had the jerk chicken. Great taste 🙂 Just thinking about it is making me hungry !
    I need to go back and take the BF
    Tracey x

  2. This place looks brilliant! I definitely need to go here but I also definitely want to try the cocktails haha so maybe post November…! Great review lady xx

    1. Maybe in November we can cheat on Pizza Express and have some Turtle Bay fun!
      It’s def up our bright and colurful alley! x

  3. After reading this I have now said that’s where I would like to go for my birthday. The 241 cocktails helped my decision as well

    1. YES! Such a great place for a birthday party chick! There was actually a birthday celebration on while we were there.
      It’s also kid friendly if you having kiddies there. Hope you are all well lady. x

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