Cocktails, carbs and terracotta pots are three of my favourite things!

I was lucky enough to be invited to The Botanist in Sheffield to have a sneek peek at there new Summer cocktail menu. This invite excited me because it is one of my go to places in Sheffield to drink cocktails and meet friends.

As anyone that knows me in real life or follows me on Instagram will know, The Botanist is like my spiritual home. Vodka, plants/gardening, oldschool  glassware and funky chandeliers (that I always say I’m going to replicate in my house to Greigs dismay.)


The Botanist is definantly one of the most on trend places in Sheffield at the minute and with great reason. The cocktails are amazing and the food as I discovered on Thursday is right up there as well.

I, as I think most people will have experienced the waiting in line at the bar on a Saturday night, which can sometimes be frusterating when you just want to get a drink and get back to your friends. After taking part in the Masterclass I completely understand why there is a line and have a new found respect for bar staff. Making these cocktails is a dam art form! (My experience of bar tending was my obligatory stint at the Walkabout when I first moved to the UK, looking back now I realise how shit I was at my job!)

I was lucky enough to get to help make an Old Fashioned. It was SOOO invovled! The best part was the smoking of the wood chips, which I inhaled to much of by accident! (there is a boomerang of me flapping my wings about somewhere!)

I look like I dressed to fit in with the follage. I assure you it was an accident! But a happy one I think!

The mixoligists are super skilled, if that were me behind the bar nobody would be getting a drink. Not only are they making several drinks at once, they free pour everything and you still get a beautiful Instagram-able cocktail at the end to do all the cute boomerangs with!

My favourites from the night was the Green Velvet. It was just like drinking a refreshing apple juice with a twist (you would never know there was gin in there!) . Also the Peach & Apple Pot. Now anything served to me in a terracotta pot is going to go down well but add to that it had dry ice coming out of it and vodka, I’m done!

Whilst drinkig ALL the cocktails we also got served some really yummy food. Cheese, pretzels, ham, sweet potatoes fries and my all time favourite beetroot dip! As an Australian I feel like we add beetroot to everything (burgers, salads, just eating it out of the jar!) and a turkish bread just can’t be eatten without beetroot dip but this is the first time I have come across it on an English menu and I’m loving it! I’ll probably just return for the dip! Any excuse for carbs.

This food platter was really nicely presented but as always I realised I didnt have a picture after we ate half of it!

So as I’m sure alot of you saw from my quesionable instagram stories (which I later deleted a few! I have some work clients that follow me-side note must act my age!) It was a great night all round, I met some lovely blogger friends and hung out with one of my favourite people Charlotte Crane (she’s one of those friends thats a full title). If your planning a day out in Sheffield I highly recommend a pit stop at The Botanist, delish cocktails, yummy food and it’s were all the cool kids hang out!

Prue x

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