Greece is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. That blue water, the cactuses, the feta and olives! Nothing makes my heart happier than some Autumn sunshine and this year we decided Greece was the place for that. Both myself and Greig had been before but we were more than happy to go back, because who says no to Greece!

My sister Laura and my BIL Hayden arrived in the UK from Australia on the Friday night. We had a crazy weekend in Liverpool and York before we headed to Greece on Tuesday, we don’t mess around! We headed out September 25th which I was worried would be too late for nice weather. The first couple of days were quiet chilly and cloudy but after that the sun come out and we had high 20’s early 30’s for the rest of our time there.

We were staying on the island of Crete about 30 mins outside of Heraklion at the Athina Palace Resort. Just a little tip-we pre-booked online a private taxi from the airport to our hotel (about a 25 mins journey) which was the same price a getting a bus transfer. It was so much quicker, as soon as we arrived they grabbed our bags, popped us in a car and we were off!

The Athina Palace offers gorgeous views and gardens but personally I wouldn’t say the food/drinks, facilities or rooms were 5 star. There was a lovely little private beach that was never to busy and thankfully they had a bus running around the resort because it was perched on a huge, steep hill! I may never have made it back from the beach!

The city of Heraklion was a mix of beautiful old buildings and industrial/chic restaurants and bars! There were trendy juice bars, fancy cocktails and gorgeous ice-creams everywhere you looked! I’ll never get used to people still be able to smoke indoors but hey that’s what they do so what can you do. Laura and I headed off into the markets to find all the treasure and we left the boys in a bar to watch football because who wants to drag unwilling men around markets.

If only I could bring back everything! I LOVE these lights and so want one in my life but am totally realistic that it just wouldn’t suit our home at all! I did grab some of these colourful ceramic lanterns though. I think they are going to look beautiful on a wall in our pagola which is not yet built! That’s coming in the Spring! I also grabbed a really fine little bracelet to add to my arm party! When I travel I always get a piece of jewellery and some kind of homewares,whilst Greig always finds a painting/drawing of where we’ve been.

We always have such a great time together! It’s so nice that Greig and Hayden get a long so well! Sometimes I think they like each other more than they like us! Days were spent by either the pool or the beach (and always with the inflatable fruits!) and our nights we’re generally filled with our Uno tournaments. As a family we take Uno very seriously. When we’re together I would quiet confidently say not a day would go by without a game!

As always Greig tried to prove to everyone that he’s a Greek God! I’ve never known anyone put so much effort into getting a tan, he’s always so proud of his white bits!

We didn’t do a lot of touristy things as we were there for some R&R but there are so many day trip you can go on to other island and also a huge amount of activities. Scuba Diving, Quad Biking etc.

You may have seen on Instagram the second last day Hayden come down with a bug that he nicely shared. Laura and I were out for the count and Greig was the only man standing! So it wasn’t the most ideal endbut all in all we had a fabulous holiday!

Until next time Greece!

Prue x


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