If you were following along on Instagram while we were in Australia you would have seen our lovely coastal getaway down the beautiful Australian coast. I thought I’d pop together a post about the gorgeous cottage we stayed in and what we got up to!

Whenever we go home we have 7,000 people to see! So we always plan a little trip to just get away and have some us time. That trip is usually down the gorgeous Great Ocean Road, as it has always been one of our favourite places to hang out and bonus it’s on our door step! With how busy we were leading up to this holiday we didn’t get to properly celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary, Greig’s birthday (poor Greig for having a December birthday!) or our 13th anniversary of being P&G, so we thought we’d bundle them all together and have a little us time!

One of Greig’s hobbies if researching and booking great holidays! It’s his thing, he loves it and he’s great at it! So I leave him to it and see where I land!

All we wanted from this break was quiet time, sun and a beach. What we got was so much more.

Greig booked a cottage at Points South by the Sea in Wongarra, roughly a 2 hour drive from Geelong. If you were following along on Insta stories you would have seen the mini tour of the gorgeous cottage (it’s still up on my highlights now!) up in the hills looking out over Bass Strait. It was breathtaking! Every room of the cottage looked out to the sea (even the shower!) The gardens surrounding it were beautiful and the weather was amazing!




We were greeted by Joan with a lovely hamper of goodies and wine! Joan and her husband Brian own the 3 cottages and also live on the property. The cottage had a full kitchen and a BBQ if you wanted to cook or you could nip down to Apollo Bay (a 15 mins drive) if you fancied going out.

We were feeling particularly hermity so we popped into town, grabbed meat for the BBQ, dim sims (like all good Aussies!) and some nibbles. For the next 2 days we did not get back in the car. We sat in the window seat and read books for hours, drunk coffee like it was going out of fashion, took beach walks that ended with us stranded on rocks, BBQ’ed dim sims on the deck and looked out at the endless horizon for hours. It could never get old. We did consider going out for dinner the second night but decided against it and just ate all the left overs! The past few years have been so manic with work and life it was just so lovely to stop and enjoy each others company. Or if your me, stop and watch Greig single-handedly try to kill the ant, bug, fly population of Australia with Mortein and a thong in both hands!

I had a bunch of people asking me for the details of the cottage after seeing my Insta stories. I cannot recommend the cottages enough (we stayed in Cottage 1 they are all different) and we will be returning for sure. I would recommend booking directly with Joan and Brian as I think you get better rates than if your book through a booking website. I will put all of their details below if you wish to enquire.

Our coastal break couldn’t have been more perfect and if you ever get to Victoria I highly recommend a stay at this gorgeous little slice of paradise!

Prue x

Points South by the Sea Web Site



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