Well hello you lovely lot! I thought I best sit down and pop togheter 2017 in review.

How have we found ourselves in January 2018? Time flies when you’re having fun!

So let’s get into it. When I think about 2017 my main drive was to never have another year like 2016. I didn’t have hugely specific goals I just knew whatever I was doing I needed to be happy. Thank god for the little squares of Instagram and my diary because I have the memory of a fish! Hello Dory!


We started off the year with a trip to London as we were doing the Crystal Maze for Greigs Christmas Party. I didn’t grow up in England and had no clue what the Crystal Maze was but it was so much fun and if memory serves me correctly I think we won! If you haven’t done the Crystal Maze before I highly recommend it!




In the first week of 2017 decided to make a huge change! I wanted to move the business and decided I would have a workshop and studio built at my house. Once I had worked through all of the what ifs. What if my customers leave me? What if nobody wants to deal with a small business in a village? Yarda yarda yarda. So started the plans, designs, permits and all the logistics that go with moving heavy machinery. I got Piet on board (if you haven’t heard of Piet before hes my super creative, Pinterest loving, builder. He basically does everything handy in our life and is here a lot! Greig is wonderful but he isnt handy!) Piet and his crew got to work and on the 10th of April we opened the door to our beautiful new home. She is everything I could have wished for and more. When your work involves creativity and making beautiful things I think it’s so important to be in nice clear space. And you couldn’t ask for better than endless fields and the Trans Pennine Trail. Also having a 17 step commute to work has been amazing!

This Summer was the first Summer in 7 years that I haven’t felt like I was having a complete break down. If it was a nice day I would sit out on the deck and work from there. This year I really felt that I embraced the fact that I am my own boss, I get to paint what my business looks like and that’s exactly what I did. Being self-employed and being responsible for keeping this ship moving can be really overwhelming. Knowing people are relying on me to pay their bills and go on lovely holidays ect is a huge weight to carry but on the flip side getting to be creative and seeing our clients reactions to our work makes it all worth while.


February saw me take a quick little trip with my girlfriends to Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities to visit. We ate, walked around the Red Light District and did all the usual things. We also went to The Body World exhibition which was amazing. If you go to Amsterdam I highly recommend it. It’s fascinating to see how amazing the human body really is! Side note-it is real bodies preserved and cut up so if you have a weak stomach it might not be your thing.


March was a really busy month work wise as we were in preparation for the cricket season and the move. Who moves in there busiest time of year? This girl that’s who!

I don’t feel like I can do a year review without mentioning all of the terrible attacks and natural disasters that took place this year. The London attacks broke my heart. I have always felt so safe in London and as a child growing up in a small town in Australia all I ever wanted was to go to London and work in a pub! (Aiming high!) Let’s hope that in 2018 all of this craziness calms down.


2017 was also the year I turned the big 3-0! I was really looking forward to turning 30 and saw it as a bit of a fresh start. My birthday was lovely. It was a Thursday so I worked but I had a day of constant flower, balloon and goose pot plant deliveries. My mum arrived from Australia to celebrate and Greig organised for all of my girlfriends to come over and have a girls night in. My 30th year has really been a year of learning to be happy with my quirky self, setting boundaries, reading books, listening to podcasts and putting myself out there a little more than I have in the past. I even posted my first ever photo on Instagram in a bikini! What the!?!





A couple of week after my 30th my MIL turned 60! We had been planning to surprise her for months and had rented a gorgeous house up in Scotland (to see more from this trip click here!) to have a weekend of relaxation and celebrations. The surprise was amazing, she had no idea. St Finks Farm was honestly what my house dreams are made of. Big sweeping staircase, high ceilings, grand bedrooms, a huge gardens, cows out the back and a swing! We loved it so much we are actually going back again this year for Easter.


June was a biggy! Ya’ll know I have been following Rachel Hollis for years and have made friends with so many awesome ladies through The Chic Tribe. We’ll in June I jumped on a plane to Texas to meet my internet friends in real life at Rise! Rise is up there with one of the best things I have ever done for myself. (Read more about my trip here!) We laughed, we cried, we danced but more importantly we have made lasting friendships. These women have become a merry band of supporters pushing me along when self-doubt creeps in. Rise 2018 is in LA in April and I can not wait to get there and see all of these lovely ladies that have really made such an impact on my life.

On June 14th I got the paperwork through that my company name had officially changed! Que happy dancing in the office! Changing the company’s name really made all of the changes I was trying to implement come together. We are now The Yorkshire Branding Co and it just makes so much more sense! Nobody wants confused clients!


July and August are always a really busy time work wise, we continued to work with amazing brands and even got a call from IKEA! Yes IKEA the Swedish folk rang me! We ended up working with them to produce the promotional items they needed for their Sheffield store opening! How amazing is that!

The Summer also saw music festivals, gigs and lots of fun times spent with friends enjoying the long days and occasional sunshine!


September brought us to the end of the cricket season! YAY! I get Greig back on the weekend which is nice. It also brought me a breakdown at Meadowhall, you can read all about that here.

This year we planned a get away with friends to Ibiza. It was so dam lovely! I had never been on an all-inclusive holiday before and it was so easy. We literally had to think about nothing, the mojitos were blow your brains out strong and the resort was lovely. What more could we want!

October saw us go into full Christmas swing at work with the Christmas section of The Cool Calm Collection launching. As well as Christmas I was all about pumpkins and Autumn. I don’t really get Halloween, it’s never been my thing. But what I can get on board with are cute miniature and grey pumpkins. The search for the elusive white pumpkin wasn’t fruitful so I’m already on the hunt for next year! This girl over here loves cute foods I can make into home decor.

October also brought a fun hen do, lovely wedding and a professional photo shoot for my little Lou Chops! See all the pics here! That kid is the doggy version of Tyra Bank, he can pose like no other!


November brought us our 5th wedding anniversary, where the hell has time gone! It also brought us a Royal engagement! YAY for another Royal wedding! Also on a much more boring note I got curtains/roman blinds, after living a curtain free life for 4 years. Greig finally forced me to make a decision on fabric. Although 3 months on I have already decided I don’t like curtains and am going to have wooden shutters made. Greig really does want to kill me!


How on earth did we get to December so quickly!?! The Christmas shop was a real success (side note how gorgeous is my little model, my nephews are the best!) and we have been completely overwhelmed with Christmas order for The Cool Calm Collection. I love that we got to make so many gifts that people would be opening up on Christmas morning!


We set off for Australia on the 9th of December so the weeks leading up to that we literally worked every hour God sent, when you work for yourself you don’t just get to put an auto-reply on and check out.

Our flight to Australia got delayed because of snow and we literally missed every connecting flight but once we got to Australia it didn’t matter. We had the most fun trip hanging out with friends and my sister and BIL. I love going home and just slipping back into my Australian life. I have the greatest friends and even though we don’t talk often it’s like we haven’t missed a beat. We just pickup where we left off and for that I am so grateful!



Greig and I ducked away down the coast for a little R&R and to celebrate all of our wins this year! We stayed in the loveliest cottage up in the hills overlooking the sea. It was so great to laze about, read books, drink coffee, lay on the beach and just hang out.

Our Christmas in the sun was lovely and before we knew it we were on a plane back to the UK ready to tackle 2018.


And that was 2017. I feel like this year has been a big one and the good far out weighed the challenges.

I’ve come to a point (now that I’m 30 and wise!) where I know what I want and where I want to be. I’m unapologetic in my strides to achieve those goals. I don’t want to wake up at 40 and have regrets, I’d much rather give it a go and fail.

Life is good and I’m so grateful for the people that 2017 has brought into my life. I really do believe your vide attracts your tribe and boy this tribe are colourful, quirky, fun and brilliant. They really make my heart happy!

Well I hope you enjoyed that recap. I didn’t mean for it to be that long but I suppose 12 months is a long time to recap and I’m a little long-winded sometimes!

Wishing you all the love for the New Year, go out and chase those crazy dream. Cos if you don’t someone else will!

Prue x

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