One of my lovely flowers deliveries!

Well that has been an awefully long break!

April is generally a super busy time for me. It’s one of my busiest time of year at work, we have a mental 2 months around the cricket season. It’s my birthday (this year the big 30!) and we have what seems like a million bank holidays. I am so excited for a 5 day week.

This year however it was like my normal manic April but on steroids and filled with lots of work, some much cake and all the lovely things in life!

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t @the_house_of_skirt, everything I say on videos I accidently sing, it’s a real treat!) you will have seen that I have built a new workroom and studio so I could relocate my business to my home. I’m like a bull in a China shop and when I decide to do something thatss it! So naturally I didn’t take into concideration that April is our busiest time of year1. Because I like to cause myself stress we moved on the 7th of April, two weeks before the first match of the season. Complete nightmare! For anyone that has moved house or a business before you know, nothing ever goes to plan and everything takes 10 times longer than expected. But isn’t she beautiful, all the stress is worth it when I look at how pretty she is!

My new office and studio space.

My house currently looks like a storage facility. There are clothing rails in the lounge, vinyl rolls under the stairs, a heat press underneath the dinning table and I don’t even dare open the doors to the spare rooms. It’s bad!

The new work space is working really well and once we are unpacked properly it’s going to be a dream but at the minute we are all over the place just trying to get orders out as quickly as possible and pretending we have our shit together!

So in the middle of the move I turned 30! I had such a lovely day. I started my day at my weekly 6.30am breakfast meeting which was great, my electricians wife made me an amazing chocolate cake, I got beautiful flower and balloon deliveries and just generally spoilt. I couldn’t have sked for more.

Rainbow/Unicorn cake, I didn’t mamage to get a picture of how amaxing the unicorn was!

At night we have a family tradition of going to our favourite Chinese for dinner. We arrived and it was lovely there were balloons (everyone that knows me knows a helium balloon is the way to my heart!), my sister in law had printed pictures of my friends and family in Australia that couldn’t be there so it felt like they were and my handsome newphews were there as well! Again if you follow my instagram you will have seen what happened next, my mum walked out of the back of the restaraunt! It was like something out of a movie! I had only been talking to her a couple of days before for her birthday! We cried and laughed and were those annoyingly loud people in the restaraunt but it was lovely.

My mum!
Photos of my girls in Australia!

On the Saturday night I had my girlfriends around for drinks and hot tub fun which was amazin. I have the best friends and sometimes life just get busy and you don’t make the effort you should (mental note for my 30th year to be a better friend!). They spoilt me with gorgeous gifts and we all ate serious amounts of cake. I literally don’t know how I’m still in my jeans, there has been that much cake!

You can never have to much cake!
A beautiful drawing of my Lou Chops that me friend Kim did for me.

For Easter we had a big Christmas dinner with crackers and all the trimmings as my mum had missed Christmas with us this year.

My mother in law turned 60 last week so we had been very sneaky and planned a trip away for the whole family to Scotland! We set off on the Friday as it was a 6 hour drive up there. We had rented the gorgeous St Finks Farm in Blairegowrie. It’s an amazing old house set in the middle of rasberry bushes and canola fields (again if you follow my insta you will have seen many snaps of my love affair with the staircase!). We had the best time having big family dinners, drinks in the hot tub and watching the Anthony Joshua fight. On the Sunday us girls all went for a Spa day at the St.Andrews Old Course. I had a massage and facial and I think they were the best spa treatments I have ever had! The facilities were lovely, the food wasn’t so great but who goes on a spa day for the food anyway!


St.Andrews Spa

Add into all of the above, The Full Monty at the Sheffield Lyceum (if you haven’t seen it go!), 2 trips to London, an early surprise birthday dinner with friend and just generaly life and I think that pretty much wraps up my April and expalins why there has been a whole lotta instagram but not a lot of blogging! I’m hoping life calms down a little bit now so I can crack on, unpack and get on top of life and this crazy house! I have 4 weeks until I set off for Texas so fingers crossed they are productive.

Prue x




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