2017- The year I claim my life back after going slightly off track in 2016!

This year is going to be a biggy. It will be my first full year as a sole business owner, I’m turning the big 30 and I am dam sure I will never have a year like last year! This is my year to take back control and do the things that make my heart happy.

So I booked a ticket to RISE a conference in Austin Texas put on by Rachel Hollis and her amazing Chic HQ team!

For the past few years I have been following Rachel, a kick ass business lady from the US. She is amazing, she slays it at her media agency, is an author, has 3 little boys and a husband and I can’t tell you how much her daily posts on insta and snap help! It always seems that when your feeling like nothing else could go wrong she posts something that you need to hear.

I was laid on the sofa last Tuesday, I had seen Rachel post about the conference her and her team were planning. The post went up, tickets are on sale. I looked at the site and thought maybe I’ll run it by Greig and see if he thinks I’m mad! Just to confirm he always thinks I’m mad! I went and made dinner and when I come back to my computer all of the VIP tickets were gone, I nearly cried. That was it, I grabbed my purse and boom there it happened. Having your own business has to have some perks doesn’t it!

So that’s that, in June I’m heading to Texas, solo to meet up with the #chictribe! I couldn’t be more excited, I have been dancing around like a loon since Tuesday! It’s so important to have something to look forward to and I think that’s what I have been missing for the longest time. I have started pinning outfit on pintrest like a mad women, researching restaurants I need to eat at and also feel like I need to find somewhere to go line dancing because I think that’s what everyone in Texas does, right?!?

Any recommendations are more that welcome!

Rise- Nobody else can make you rise. You have to choose it.

Prue x


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